Saturday, October 30, 2004

To Gram...

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Today I was in Boston to partake in the glorious and inspirational celebration of the Red Sox first World Series Championship since 1918!

The night of the Red Sox victory I was atop Boston University viewing a lunar eclipse that coincided perfectly with this tremendous historic occasion. The Red Sox World Championship victory also coincided with something very important to me personally, my Grandmother's 82nd birthday, which she did not make in this world. Undoubtedly, however, she watched the game from her skybox in heaven, and maybe even she used her angelic presence to make the Red Sox victory finally possible!

You see, my Gram and Gramp are from The Greatest Generation. Indeed, my Gram passed away the morning of the 4th of July with me holding her hand as she moved on to be with God. My Gramp fought all the way from D-Day +1 on Omaha Beach to Berlin for our freedom and is a true hero. The nights before the Lord took Gram home, we watched the Red Sox games on TV from her Hospice room. I watched the final Red Sox/Yankee ALCS game with my Gramp gleeful that this time Gram (a Red Sox fan) had her day (Gramp roots for the Yanks)!

My Gram and Gramp were longtime fox hunters. As I grew up, I had the privelege of joining in fox hunts and frolicking with the scores of fox hounds they raised. My Gram was renown for her fox hunting and was often the ring mistress at shows throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her nickname became Foxy Lady, both because of her fox hunting skills and her movie star good-looks!

The night before my Gram's funeral, I headed up to the house I grew up in, where she stayed in the latter years of her life. I went up there to gather articles from her fox hunting days to display them at her funeral as a sort of shrine to the "Foxy Lady".

In all my 20-or-so years of driving back and forth to the old house, that night I saw something I'd never seen before....I had to swerve around a beautiful red fox standing along side the road staring at me in the headlights. An angelic fox to remind that Gram is not really gone....just missed....

Please view this special musical/pictorial tribute to my Gram put together by my brother and I...
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