Friday, April 23, 2010

What's "The Truth" about organized Christianity?

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Think for yourselves:

Some will watch this and think Marjoe is an enemy of Christ.

To the contrary, his story serves to expose hard truths about "organized Christianity" and in so doing is an ally. Marjoe lays bare the insincerity of those who claim Christ's name in order to line their pockets rather than to serve God and true love.

Of course, Marjoe's testimony is just the tip of the iceberg in revealing the fraud of modern McChristianity:

Kenneth Copeland:

(Watch at CBS News)

Benny Hinn:

Robert Tilton:

Peter Popoff:


How about the Pope?

Are those (mis)leading modern "Christianity" sincere? In some cases, but generally those running the show are, wittingly or not, laughing at you and God all the way to the bank:

Their true god is the Golden Calf of Mammon IMHO.

One should ask themselves what God is seeking to reveal through the charlatans that wrap themselves in Christ's name to profit from His Passion:

Does this mean that sincere believers in Christ are insincere?


But many have been misled as to the true meaning of God's love Christ represents.

I believe it's time to separate the man from the myth.

Is God loving or not?

If so, how can anyone rightfully believe that those who fail to abide by specific rules set out by organized Christianity, or any religion for that matter, are facing eternal damnation?

God is the Author of the universe and your Creator.

Accordingly, do you really think God depends on the Torah, or the New Testament, or the Quran, or whatever spiritual sagas and insights have been written and misconstrued by man to determine your salvation? Could it be that your personal relationship with God is misleadingly usurped to serve the worldly purposes of many of those who organize religion?

"The Truth" is that God loves you and yearns for you to love Him back and act accordingly. Anything that unkindly interferes with, and/or misleads you from, that loving relationship is ungodly IMHO no matter what others devise.

After all, why is it that, with organized religion in all its various forms nowadays, this world has been utterly MISLED and fallen into temptation such that everyone is being unwittingly delivered to the Evil One?

In light of this reality, where is "The Truth" and who has God's Authority?

The Book's meaning is expressed through The Word of God who is Christ.

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