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The Cold War Truth Behind JFK's Assassination: Castro Had Kennedy Killed With Russia's Help

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"United States leaders should think that if they are aiding terrorist plans to eliminate Cuban leaders,
they themselves will not be safe." - Fidel Castro, September 7th, 1963,
Faria: Fidel Castro, Cuban Intelligence and the Assassination of JFK

"He (Oswald) stormed into (our) embassy, demanded the visa, and when it was refused to him, headed out saying, 'I'm going to kill Kennedy for this!'" - Fidel Castro, Spring of 1964, Warren Commission Document 1359

In November 1963, Cuban intelligence officer Florentino Aspillaga was posted in a little hut near a Cuban beach where he operated listening equipment trained on Miami and CIA headquarters in Virginia. On the morning of Nov. 22, Mr. Aspillaga—who would defect to the U.S. in 1987—said that he was ordered "to stop all your CIA work, all your CIA work." He was instructed to "put all of my equipment to listen to any small detail from Texas. They told me Texas." [WSJ, 11/17/13]

"……we've got to be taking this out of the arena where they're testifying that Khrushchev and Castro did this and did that, and kicking us into a war that can kill 40 million Americans in an hour." [Phone call between President Lyndon B. Johnson and Senator Richard Russell, 11-29-1963].

Former Chief Justice Earl Warren says that President Johnson expressed to him the fear that the assassination of John F. Kennedy might lead to a nuclear war. It was Johnson's expressed apprehensions about a possible international conspiracy and a nuclear war, Warren said, that persuaded him to accede to the president's request to head the commission investigating the Nov. 23, 1963, killing of Kennedy. [Arizona Republic, 12-9-1972]

We are approaching the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and it's about time the truth be told about what really happened.

The 35th President of the United States was not murdered by a lone mad man, rather he fell victim to a Cold War assassination plot by Cuba, aided by the Soviet Union, to counter ongoing attempts by the Kennedy Administration to bring down Castro's regime. The conspiratorial truth behind JFK's assassination was covered-up by the Johnson Administration and U.S. intelligence community in order to avoid a potential confrontation with Cuba and the Soviet Union that could have triggered a nuclear third world war.

Only in recent years has secret information surfaced that reveals what really happened, but with a few recently published books and the documentary below, the American public can now know the truth about JFK's assassination. The key books to read are Ion Pacepa's Programmed To Kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB and the Kennedy Assassination (see related FrontPage interview and PJMedia articles), Brian Latell's Castro's Secrets: Cuban Intelligence, the CIA, and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy (See What Castro Knew About Lee Harvey Oswald), and Gus Russo’s Live By the Sword: The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK.

The latter book was used in making the following crucial documentary about JFK's assassination that aired on German TV in 2006 which reveals plotting by Fidel Castro's regime called Rendezvous with Death: Why John F. Kennedy Had to Die.

From the Spiegel Online article, JFK Assassination: Did Castro Kill Kennedy?:

A new documentary slated to run on German TV this Friday uncovers new evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President Kennedy on behalf of the regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The film also claims that the KGB recommended Oswald to Havana as the man for the job.


The reality is that JFK's assassination was a hit job overseen by Cuban and Soviet intelligence.

Lee Harvey Oswald was an avowed Marxist who defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959. While there the former marine radar technician likely revealed key information about the height at which U2 spy planes fly that made possible the downing of Gary Powers U2 flight over Russia in 1960. In 1961, Oswald married Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova, a likely Russian KGB agent, soon after which the couple had their first child. The KGB-trained pair returned to the U.S. in June 1962 and settled in Dallas, Texas. Soon thereafter, the Oswalds were put in touch with Russian emigre George de Mohrenschildt, a Soviet illegal (sleeper agent - read Ion Pacepa's book), who acted as Lee Harvey Oswald's KGB handler. De Mohrenschildt, after admitting to a Dutch journalist in 1977 that he instructed Oswald to assassinate Kennedy, committed suicide (or was "suicided") just before he was about to be questioned by the House Select Committee on Assassinations:

"By the way, several days after that (Oswald's failed attempt to assassinate General Walker, an anti-communist pundit, in April 1963) the De Mohrenschildts came to us, and as soon as he opened the door he said, 'Lee, how is it possible that you missed?'. I looked at Lee. I thought that he had told De Mohrenschildt about it. And Lee looked at me, and he apparently thought that I had told De Mohrenschildt about it. It was kind of dark. But I noticed - it was in the evening, but I noticed that his face changed, that he almost became speechless.

You see other people knew my husband better than I did. Not always - but in this case."
[Testimony of Marina Oswald to the Warren Commission]

Also see 11 Facts That Destroy JFK Conspiracy Theories: Part One | Part Two | Part Three


The smoking gun of evidence indicating Oswald was an assassin working at the behest of Havana and Moscow was his late-September 1963 trip to Mexico City during which he met with top Cuban and Soviet agents, like Valeriy Kostikov, who oversaw "wet affairs", the intelligence term for assassinations.

For more on Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City before JFK's assassination, consider what's below.

See the CBS Face The Nation excerpt, New book reveals how much FBI, CIA knew about Oswald before Kennedy assassination

Also see FRONTLINE: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald from the 1 hour 2 minute mark on.

Finally, read PBS Whitewashes Oswald's KGB Connections


After JFK's assassination, the KGB implemented a massive disinformation campaign to project blame away from Cuba and Russia and on to the CIA, a campaign that has been quite successful thanks to Oliver Stone and others of like mind.

Read Ion Pacepa's The New Proof of the KGB’s Hand in JFK’s Assassination


50 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the pieces can finally be put together to know what truly took place. JFK was a victim of the Cold War rivalry between the Communist East and Capitalist West - a contest that is not yet over in this author's opinion.

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