Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Grandmother's 'Visions'

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My father told me the most amazing story this evening.

Now you all need to bear in mind that my father is a staunch, "card carrying" atheist (as he would say)....an archetypal secular humanist.

We were chatting about my paternal grandmother when he mentioned that gram had "visions". I asked him what he meant since I've had a "vision" of my own.

He explained that once she had a vision of a man working underneath a vehicle when a jack failed and the car fell on him. The man then got up and said to her that he was fine and walked away. I presume this was some sort of lucid dream or the whatnot, but, nevertheless, she was moved enough to mention it to my grandfather.

About a week later news fed back from Canada that her cousin was killed a week prior when a vehicle he was working on collapsed when a jack gave way.

The other vision she mentioned was when she saw a fiery sky and then people were walking toward her with their "flesh falling off". She spoke of this in early August of 1945....days before Hiroshima and Nagasaki...

I responded to my dad that he should not confuse his distaste for organized religion with a disbelief in God. How can you witness such supernatural phenomenon directly and not recognize there is more going on to 'this world' than meets the eye?

My vision is of a coming nuclear holocaust and is overviewed at:

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