Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's Really Going On In Syria?!

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In my most recent blog, I warned that the world might soon witness the catastrophe I foresaw 21-years-ago in association with an apocalyptic vision connected to the 8th chapter from the Bible's Book Of Revelation: a Syrian chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel. As I've long been warning, this will be followed by a global nuclear war and the effective destruction and subjugation of Western Civilization by the totalitarian powers of the East.

While most people have been carefully conditioned to blindly accept the upcoming chain of events as a consequence of randomness and historical misfortune, I maintain as always that what the world is witnessing is the product of the historical machinations of what former President Ronald Reagan dubbed the "Evil Empire":

The strategic objective of Moscow has never changed, i.e., the vilification and destruction of America and the Western powers for the sake of global military, geopolitical domination. It's simply that the tactics in recent decades have been necessarily deceptive.

Keep in mind loose ends I've identified in the so-called "Arab Spring" uprisings that raise questions about what is truly behind unfolding events. For instance, consider the Iranian naval flotilla dispatched by Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea on January 23rd, 2011 (see Fars News report). It was clear Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would not allow this flotilla to pass through the Suez Canal when it arrived, but since Mubarak was deposed on February 11th (the 32nd anniversary of the Iranian Revolution), the ships were able to successfully pass later that month given the new leadership in Egypt. The only problem is....the Egyptian Revolution did not begin until January 25th, two days after the naval dispatch was announced. So did Tehran know ahead of time that Egypt's president would soon be out of the way when it put its symbolic flotilla to sea?!

This, of course, calls into question the whole 'spontaneous' character of the Egyptian Revolution and other associated Arab Spring uprisings and indicates that what the world is witnessing may have a hidden hand, I believe principally from the Kremlin, guiding the historical way.

With regard to Syria's role in Moscow's plan, I'm uncertain what is going on with the 'uprising' there, but some things seriously don't add up.

Consider for instance the arming of the "Free Syrian Army". Did you know that the vast majority of their arms have been supplied by the Syrian Armed Forces (SAF) to-date?

From the Global Post article, "Inside Syria: You will never guess who arms the rebels":

For the release of this prisoner, Ahmed Haseeba, the group received $500. With this money, Fatahallah said they were able to buy ammunition from their main supplier: Syria’s national army, also known as the enemy.
This strange cycle of exchanging prisoners for weapons has been playing out between rebel forces and President Bashar al-Assad’s army since the beginning of the revolution. 
Fatahallah estimated that his village purchased 40 percent of their weapons from the regime. Prisoner exchanges have so far contributed almost $80,000 toward weapons purchases, he said. And they obtain an additional 50 percent of their weapons during battle. The remaining 10 percent are donated and smuggled from outside the country, or are purchased from private merchants, mostly from Iraq.

So the Syrian Army is arming the opposition, and somehow the West is being blamed for the insurgency?

Something is just not kosher here.

Now watch the following news report from the same source, Global Post, that was aired on the PBS Newshour on June 22nd, the day Syria shot down a Turkish jet:

Watch Who are Syria's Rebel Forces? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

From both the Global Post article and the video we find the following curious tidbit of information:

Back at the base, the men were relaxing after lunch when a loud explosion shocked everyone to their feet. As they feared, the previous night’s purchase of Kalashnikov bullets had been booby-trapped. This time their colleagues were lucky enough to survive the discovery.

The men had learned from prior experience — bullets acquired from the regime are sometimes emptied of their gunpowder and filled with TNT designed to destroy the Kalashnikov and its owner, rather than the enemy.

After several injuries and the loss of two rifles, the men had learned to spot the fakes. To everyone’s relief this had been a controlled explosion, by someone suspicious of the new batch. The damage inflicted was only a blackened hand, some singed hair and a hole in the table.

“These ones here are good bullets,” said battalion leader Asad Ibrahim, showing the red marking on the base of one of the bullets. Holding up another with a slightly darker red off-center mark he said, “These are Bashar’s bullets to explode our guns.”

Here's my read of this.

What your viewing is MISinformation.

If Bashar al-Assad's regime is intent on scuttling the 'Free Syrian Army' and opposition forces once and for all, and the Syrian Armed Forces (SAF) are the principal source of military equipment for their opponents, then wouldn't it make sense to crack down internally? What's more, any internal crackdown in the SAF would hopefully opt to eliminate the transfer of arms to the enemy rather than sabotaging a token few bullets. Can you imagine the American military combating the Taliban in Afghanistan by selling them armaments with a few booby-trapped bullets as some sort of ill-fated attempt at stopping opposition? This is obvious BS of the extraordinarily smelly sort intended for gullible Western audiences IMHO.

To what End does this nonsense lead?

I think, ultimately, that's what I've foreseen.

Now let's consider the insights of Pavel Stroilov, who I quote at the beginning of my key blog, "Russia Was Behind 9/11". Stroilov is a Russian exile living in London who translated and edited Alexander Litvinenko’s book, Allegations. In a recent Tablet article from Claire Berlinski, "The Cold War’s Arab Spring: Stolen Kremlin records show how the Soviets, including Gorbachev, created many of today’s Middle East conflicts", we read the following:

The dominant narrative of modern Middle East history emphasizes the depredations visited upon the region by European colonization and accepts as a truism that the former colonial powers prioritized the protection of their material interests—in oil, above all—above the dignity and self-determination of the region’s inhabitants. Thus did botched decolonization result in endless instability. The most intractable of the regional conflicts to which this gave rise, that between the Arabs and Israelis, is attributed in this narrative to Israel’s unwillingness to accede to Palestinian national aspirations. Thus did the region become a breeding ground for radicalism, intensified by Cold War rivalry between the superpowers, who replaced the European colonizers as the region’s meddling overlords. Then came Mikhail Gorbachev—a Westernizing reformer. At last, the Cold War was over. A new world order was at hand.

What if this conventional wisdom is nonsense? Russian exile Pavel Stroilov argues just this in his forthcoming book, Behind the Desert Storm. “Not a word of it is true,” he writes. “It was the Soviet Empire—not the British Empire—that was responsible for the instability in the Middle East.”

Stroilov, a historian now living in London, fled Russia in 2003 after stealing 50,000 top-secret Kremlin documents from the Gorbachev Foundation archives, where he was working as a researcher. He was given access to the archive in 1999, but Gorbachev refused him permission to copy its most significant documents. Having observed the network administrator entering the password into the system, Stroilov reproduced the archive and sent it to secure locations around the world.


Stroilov’s book about these documents, many only now translated into English, challenges the conventional wisdom that Western colonialists are to blame for the chaos in the region. All of its major conflicts, he argues, were caused by Soviet expansionism. Terrorism and the rabid anti-Israeli animus of the Arab world were Soviet inspirations....The documents clearly suggest that many contemporary conflicts in the Middle East were fomented by the Soviet empire, particularly in the final years before its break-up. And the events he describes have had a significant impact upon the current state of the region—from the conflict in Iraq to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, to the development of a de facto alliance between the European Union and the Arab states.


In a National Review article, (Ion) Pacepa (the highest-ranking defector from the Soviet Bloc) recalls a conversation he had with KGB chairman Yuri Andropov, who envisioned fomenting “a Nazi-style hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world. … We had only to keep repeating our themes—that the United States and Israel were ‘fascist, imperial-Zionist countries’ bankrolled by rich Jews.”

In the mid-1970s, Pacepa recalls, the KGB ordered its Eastern European sister agencies to scour the Middle East for trusted agents, train them in disinformation and terrorism, and export a “rabid, demented hatred for American Zionism.” They showered the region with an Arabic translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and KGB-fabricated documents alleging that Israel and the United States were dedicated to converting the Islamic world into a Jewish colony.

Following the defeat of the Egyptians in the Six Day War, the Soviets came to a second realization: A conventional military confrontation with Israel, and by extension the West, carried too great a risk of escalating into nuclear war. A change of tactics was required.

I believe that change in tactics included the determination that a global nuclear war need be fought to achieve final victory, something spelled out in Joseph Douglass' classic 1979 text, Soviet Strategy For Nuclear War (Hoover international studies). Douglass noted how classified Soviet military literature emphasized the importance of "surprise" over and over again as the key to victory over the West in a conflict that involves the rapid delivery of weapons of mass destruction by missiles.

In thinking 'The Unthinkable', Moscow strategists would have considered the seeming inevitability of a full-scale East-West conflict and determined it would likely emanate from the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict in particularly. Hence, an optimal strategy was devised to wage an era of 'false peace' to delude the West into an effectively suicidal false sense of security such that our nuclear guard be minimized as much as possible before full-scale conflict. Meanwhile, the Mideast cauldron has been manipulated in such a way that when war comes, Israeli aggressiveness ("Zionism") and Western "Imperialism" in the region will be blamed for causing the global holocaust of mass destruction in the form of a nuclear third world war that just happens to catch the West totally by surprise.

What's incredibly sad and tragic, IMHO, is that in 20+ years seemingly no one (save maybe Jeff Nyquist) has been willing to see history the way I have and do something to contravene the catastrophic fate everyone is wittingly and/or unwittingly making. Indeed, I think it's as I've long-since assessed: ours is a very, very sick species that prefers comforting lies to the hard truth at almost every turn even though this is collectively suicidal in the long-run.


Naamrak said...
as a israeli i can say you have got very wrong information..

maybe you should try asking the people living is syria and not the people who dont

take a llok at these three links and then tell me what you think

J Adams said...

And why do you think Voltaire received the privilege to report from Damascus like that while news networks around the world are kept out? Might I suggest this is because they are serving Syria's misinformation purposes? Seriously, "Israeli", get a clue.

mobius8curve said...

Mr. Adams, chapter 8 of Revelation does not occur till the end of the tribulation as the year of wrath commences. There is an eighth year not taught just as there is an eighth day in the feast of Tabernacles. There will be no nuclear holocaust until that year.

Stan The Man said...

Mr. Adams,

you obviously left the arab pipeline out of the article and I tend to believe that it was on purpose cuz it did not match your "truth"

How about you start writing about Izrahell's chemical attacks on the palestinians??

The one that is sending money to the bloodthirsty US-Izrahell terrorists in Syria is Qatar you moron...

I aint denying that the Russians are not following their own strategic agenda here and one being is the EU addicted to the Russian natural gas having no other real option, however, bending shit in order to match your "vision" (what was the real source of this vision??) that I call bullshit

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