Thursday, February 05, 2009

18th anniversary of my 'vision'...

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Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of the first part of my 'vision' of the coming nuclear Apocalypse.

Back during the Gulf War, in February of 1991, I was engaged in a written correspondence with Robert Prechter, the "Elliott Wave Theorist", about what might eventually cause the Grand Supercycle crash and bear market we were both anticipating at the time.

On the evening of February 6th, I was watching television when suddenly a special report aired of a chemical SCUD attack on Israel. The report was apparently authentic with Tom Brokaw speaking with an NBC correspondent in Haifa. After the correspondent confirmed that chemical agents were definitely involved, Brokaw told the correspondent he should put his gas mask on.

Surprised that Saddam had launched such a provocative attack, I then went out and told others on the college dormitory floor where I lived at the time that Saddam had just hit Israel with chemical SCUDs. As I returned to the television to catch more news on the attack, I found nothing was being reported. When I awoke the next day, there was nothing in the newswires. All said and done, I discovered that no such report had aired at the time I saw it. (In fact, Israel went off alert around the time I saw the report because there had been no Iraqi SCUD attacks for some time.)

Immediately after this odd experience, I mentioned to Robert Prechter in a letter I was writing to him what I had seen. I speculated that I might had had a psychic vision of what would cause the Grand Supercycle collapse in the stock market we were expecting. Clearly an Iraqi chemical attack on Israel and a subsequent outbreak of some sort of new Arab/Israeli war would greatly upset investors' expectations and precipitate a large-scale decline in stock prices.

Soon after sending this letter to Mr. Prechter, I had another experience that apparently revealed the full danger we were facing.

Around February 12th of that year, I was with a friend who was interested in ancient prophecies that might be related to the Gulf War of that time. I took him to my dormitory room and, upon reading a Bible prophecy to my friend that I believe depicts a future nuclear war (the Seventh Seal prophecy in the eighth chapter of the Book of Revelation), we heard an air-raid siren followed by the bellowed percussion of a nuclear explosion. The experience was so real we rushed out of my dorm to the library and went to the subbasement where I contacted the fire department. When I asked the dispatcher whether or not there had been an explosion or siren, I was told nothing of the sort had occurred.

Coming so soon after my vision of a special report of a chemical SCUD attack on Israel, I concluded there must be a connection- the Grand Supercycle crash would involve an all-out war in the Middle East that would be followed by an all-out global war involving a nuclear holocaust.

From that moment on, my search began for what would lead to a Grand Supercycle crash in Western expectations via a nuclear third world war.

Thus, I discovered how the world has been utterly deceived by the authoritarian military powers of the East. Western expectations are being intentionally misled to irrational heights in order to open the way for an ultimate upset in the form of a surprise third world war.

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