Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saddam Hussein took down TWA Flight 800 in July 1996

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Six "whistleblower" TWA Flight 800 investigators came out today and alleged that the official government explanation that a "gas tank explosion" caused the crash is false:


Well, low and behold, sometimes the truth finally comes to light in this fallen world.

In August 1996, shortly after the tragic incident, I reported that TWA 800 had likely fallen victim to a missile fired by terrorists operating on Saddam Hussein's behalf in the wake of the 1991 Gulf War. This point was also picked up by Dr. Laurie Mylroie who has long explained to America that much of the terrorism directed against America in the 1990s up to 2001 was most likely the handiwork of Saddam Hussein:

Mylroie highlighted that the TWA 800 crash had occurred on July 17th, "President's Day" in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, the national Iraqi holiday celebrating the coup that had brought the Butcher of Baghdad to power in 1969. She also pointed out that, for all intents and purposes, Saddam threatened America just before the "crash" of flight TWA 800 and took credit for the incident immediately after the tragedy occurred:

Evidence is growing that terrorists – possibly orchestrated by Iraq – bear ultimate responsibility for the demise of TWA Flight 800 in July 1996, according to authors Jack Cashill and James Sanders.

Their recently released book, “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America,” persuasively argues that mechanical failure could not have destroyed the Paris-bound Boeing 747. But it also presents a compelling theory that places Baghdad at the center of a pre-Sept. 11 plot to turn an aircraft into a flying bomb.

On July 16, 1996, one day before the airliner went down off the Long Island coast, a communique was issued by the Islamic Change Movement – the name apparently used by Iraqi intelligence to take credit for terrorist acts, says Iraq scholar Laurie Mylroie.

It read in part: “The mujahideen [holy warriors] will deliver the ultimate response to the threats of the foolish American president. Everyone will be amazed at the size of that response.”

The message warned, “Their time is at the morning-dawn,” which corresponded to dusk in New York, the moment of TWA Flight 800′s demise.

On July 18, the Islamic Change Movement released another communique through well-established Islamist terrorist channels in Beirut that read: “We carried out our promise with the plane attack of yesterday.”

Mylroie points out that Islamic Change took responsibility for the Khobar Towers attack in Riyadh one month earlier that killed 19 Americans. She notes that the date of TWA 800′s destruction is the most important day on Iraq’s revolutionary calendar, marking the coup that brought Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath party to power in 1969.

On July 17, 1996, Saddam gave the “most angry, vengeful speech of his entire life,” blasting the U.S. for its troops on Saudi and Kuwaiti soil and demanding the lifting of sanctions, Mylroie told WND.

“That night, July 17, Iraq’s national day, that plane goes up in a fireball,” said Mylroie, author of “Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein’s Unfinished War Against America.”

Unfortunately, the perspective of Dr. Mylroie and myself has never been "politically correct", especially since George W. Bush decided to rid the world of the menacing Iraqi tyrant once and for all with the Iraq War unleashed in 2003. Nevertheless, the truth is the truth and this will not be silenced by the ages.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stock Market Crash?: Dow reverses from 15000 mark...

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The DJIA fell sharply today and closed below the psychologically important 15000 mark:

Reversals from psychologically important thousand marks are often associated with major breaks in mass psychology that can take the form of financial panics and/or even war.

This reversal comes in the wake of a Hindenburg Omen signal that often presages stock market crashes:

The much-ballyhooed Hindenburg Omen has generated plenty of criticism over the years. But a deeper dive into the data this time around suggests there may be more to worry now about than many analysts are letting on to believe.

Jason Goepfert, founder of Sundial Capital Research and author of the SentimenTrader Daily Report, said there have been a cluster of five Hindenburg Omens over the past few weeks. As a student of investor psychology and sentiment trends, he’s worried about what potentially lies ahead.

“That’s a heavy concentration that we haven’t seen too many other times over a span of nearly 50 years,” Goepfert wrote in his Monday report. “And when we have, it hasn’t been good.”

Meanwhile, the Elliott Wave pattern that's developed in the stock market is conducive to a count that portends a major break in global equity prices.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

BREAKING: John Samir Zawahri name of shooter in Santa Monica mass shooting; murdered his father Samir Zawahri and older brother Chris

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The name of the shooter in the Santa Monica mass shooting is John Samir Zawahri. John, 23-years-old (birthday today), murdered his father Samir Zawahri, 55, and older brother Christopher Samir Zawahri, 25, and set the family home ablaze at 2036 Yorkshire Avenue yesterday before going on a shooting spree across town that ended when John was shot dead by police at Santa Monica College. At this time, five shooting victims have died including the shooter. The family was apparently of either Lebanese or Jordanian descent and Samir Zawahri, the father, was recently divorced from his ex-wife Randa Abou who had sought a temporary restraining order against her husband at some point. Notably, John Zawahri had a history of mental illness:

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN on Saturday that the gunman had suffered mental health issues. A couple of years ago, he was hospitalized for treatment after allegedly talking about harming someone, according to the official.

It's not clear whether the state government or his family committed him for treatment or whether he committed himself. It's also unclear under what circumstances he was released. The gunman has yet to be identified by police.

According to a comment on my prior post:

The family is Jordanian, members of the "Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church"

Both of the sons were born in the 1980's in Los Angeles. The family has connections in Akron, Ohio.


Name: Samir S Zawahri
Address: 2036 Yorkshire Avenue

Spouse: Randa A Abdou
Address: 3527 S Centinela Ave Apt 6


Name: Christopher Samir Zawahri
Birth: 6 Aug 1987 - Los Angeles, California

Name: John Samir Zawahri
Birth: 8 Jun 1989 - Los Angeles, California

Friday, June 07, 2013

Samir and Randa Zawahri's son likely mass shooter in Santa Monica

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If Samir and Randa Zawahri have a son, that's the probable culprit behind the mass shooting in Santa Monica this afternoon. The property located at 2036 Yorkshire Ave, Santa Monica, California - where the fire occurred - is owned by Samir S. Zawahri:

2036 Yorkshire Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Total land value: $142,546
Total building value: $73,525
Total value for property: $216,071
Recording date: 06/04/2003
Year built: 1940
Effective year built: 1940
Area of property: 1,226 square feet
Assessment for fiscal year: 2008/2009

The Arabic surname could be telltale IMHO.

Notably, Samir Zawahri was/is an avid amateur radio operator....useful for international communication.


Apparently the pair killed at 2036 Yorkshire Avenue were the father and brother of the assailant. Samir and Randa have been in the midst of a bitter divorce. From L.A. Weekly Blog:

At 11:52 a.m. authorities received a report of shots fired along with a fire at a home at 2036 Yorkshire Avenue in Santa Monica, where "multiple" victims were found dead inside, Santa Monica Fire Department Chief Scott Ferguson told reporters.

Reports suggest that the victims were the father and brother of the suspect; neighbors told Fox 11 News that the home was the site of a bitter divorce.

It is noteworthy that the police and media have not released the name of the shooter given how easily his family name is found. What are authorities seeking to hide?

***UPDATE*** 6/8/13

A poster has left the following comment:

I used to go to Sunday school with to Lebanese boys who lived on that street, Chris and John Zawahri. When I made the connection it left me sick. After some google searches of "zawahri" and "santa monica" I came across this. You pretty much confirmed what I had already believed.

Lord, please don't let this be true.

Thus, the name of the shooter is either Chris or John Zawahri. Whichever one is the shooter, the other is the brother who was killed.

Looks like the family is Lebanese.

Obviously I flavored this post to imply the possibility of Islamic terrorism, however, to be honest I think this is most likely someone that flipped out because of his parents' divorce and underlying mental illness. We'll soon find out...
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