Monday, June 28, 2010

The Cold War is over, right?

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The Cold War is over, right?

Guess someone forgot to tell the Russians:

Of course, the vast majority will be perplexed by this news of a major Russian spy ring in the U.S. engaged in deep cover espionage. After all, the Cold War is over and the Russians are purportedly our friends now....right?

This puzzled response also occurs when people view the video of Russian forces shooting survivors of the 'Polish Air Force One' crash in Smolensk in April:

It's also common when people consider the story of Alexander Litvinenko who was assassinated with the rare radioactive substance polonium-210 by Russian agents in 2006. (I ran the Litvinenko Chronicles of his email list about a year before he was assassinated. Litvinenko revealed that al Qaeda is a false front created by Russia's intelligence services.)

The confusion, also known as "cognitive dissonance", is caused by receiving information radically contrary to a long-held, ingrained worldview that is false.

The truth, as I, Jeff Nyquist and many courageous defectors have been pointing out for decades, is that the Cold War never ended for Russia and the totalitarian powers of the East. The military and political conquest of America and the Western powers is and always has been Moscow's objective, it's just being pursued in a far more deceptive way in recent history.

People need to stop being confused about what is unfolding in human history. This world has fallen into temptation and is being delivered to the Evil One who, quite literally, is headquartered in the Kremlin. Just to get a sense of how far gone the West has become, consider the background of President Obama and keep in mind the characteristics of 'deep cover' moles seeking to influence American policy:

(Particularly watch 55:15 minutes into the above documentary, "KGB Connections",
and bear in mind that Obama's political career began
in the living room of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn

One wonders if the arrests today of Russian agents wasn't some sort of shot across the bow of leftist infiltraitors in our government by true patriots in U.S. intelligence and law enforcement circles.

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