Saturday, June 12, 2010

Signs Israel might soon strike Iran and/or Korea might flare-up...

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The articles below suggestive of an imminent Israeli strike on Iran and/or flare-up on the Korean Peninsula might explain why the Elliott Wave count in on the cusp of a wave 3 of 3 of 3, i.e., a crash move:

Also keep in mind the astrological signs (the Iran sanctions resolution was approved with a conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter opposed by Saturn) given what I've been warning about regarding "Kremlin Astrology".

New moon is this weekend; lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto occurs 6/26 (like with Chernobyl, which I don't believe was an accident).

Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites

Egypt secures border, places troops on alert

Israel, US hold joint strike drill

Netanyahu, Barak at IDF Command and Control Exercise in North

Throw this in too for good measure:

N. Korea threatens to destroy S. Korean loudspeakers, turn Seoul into 'sea of flame'

Some astute observers (more) have been noting how currently unfolding world history is consistent with fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39, the 'War of Gog and Magog':

This seems increasingly obvious given the meeting this week of the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey in the wake of the Pallywood produced 'Free Gaza flotilla' tragedy the prior week:

But let's say this is so, i.e., the War of God and Magog is close-at-hand. What's more, let's say I'm right that New Testament apocalyptic prophecies are about to be fulfilled regarding the destruction of not just Israel, but America and Western Civilization as well.

Why is it the folk who make this connection between modern history and prophecy seem to take glee in their understanding? After all, typically the ones who draw the connection are modern-day Christians who think it's great that the Jews have returned to their homeland because this means the Apocalypse is coming and, after they're swooped safely out of the way, the world will be laid asunder by God's wrath making way for Jesus to return and rule God's Kingdom on earth with an iron rod. I have long been pointing out, this deluded perspective is going to serve the purposes of the Evil One well.

Furthermore, if I'm who I think I am, you all have got it very wrong and should be ashamed of yourselves for wishing upon this world the cataclysm about to unfold. Ultimately, with regard to this world's salvation, I don't see how we will ever be saved as long as people cooperate with such a fate without doing a damn thing to stop it. Why is everyone going along with this effective mass suicide attempt?

If this ridiculous tragedy is to reveal that 'I am the Lord', then so be it. Let everyone grow up, lay down their arms and let's bring an end to this self-destructive, childish insanity for Christ's sake forthwith.

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