Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Meaning of Christ

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Word of the day: "INEFFABLE"

God = יהוה‎ = True Love = Ineffable

What is the meaning of Christ, i.e., "The Word" of God in human form?

IMHO, what's relevant is God's expression of true love for man. What human form does this take?

Be thankful I'm simply a humble being seeking to persuade others of my opinions who is disinterested in thinking for others but rather wants others to think for themselves and thereby overcome the mass delusions misleading this world into Evil.

My opponent is literally a haughty dictator who is planning to brutally force his opinion of "Christianity" on the world.

I lovingly and reasonably seek to persuade the world into believing the truth. The "Old Enemy" hatefully and unreasonably seeks to force the world believe lies.

So who is the true author of history and who is engaging in fictitious "make believe"?

Maybe that is up to each individual to determine in this subjective realm.

I'm humbly offering my point-of-view, but no one believes me.

Thus, the fate that man makes is what I've foreseen.

Obviously, if I'm right, then the Evil One is now utterly prevailing in the struggle for the hearts and minds of man.

I believe my role is to overcome this evil through good; to overcome lies with truth; to overcome hate by love.

What does this mean for me?

Quite frankly, I was born into this and I don't personally want this role, but first and foremost I love God and want to please Him, so I must do what I must do no matter how humiliating this may be for me. What's more, since I understand God's revelation to me, I realize that if I don't tell the truth, then this world will not be saved from Evil. Thus, out of love for others, again, I must do what I must do regardless of the personal consequences. In this context, I am seeking to abide by my responsibilities according to the Greatest Commandment. Love, after all, is not self-important, thus I must sacrifice myself accordingly.

As I see it, I was despised, reviled, persecuted and crucified by self-important authorities misguided by worldliness for telling the blasphemous truth 2000 years ago.

I'm suffering like "treatment" this time around, but in a modern context, by being dismissed as "insane".

Thus, the unforgivable sin in this age is dismissing Christ as insane as I had warned the world about in my previous age.

Why? Because if this lie prevails, the world can not be saved since I am who I am.

Does this make sense to you?

As a mortal, sentient creature, I can't say I "like this" any more than you do. In fact, for me in particularly, I mainly see absurd suffering and struggle ahead either which way, but that does not absolve me of my responsibilities to communicate this message to you as need be for HIStory's sake.

As free creatures, you may believe what you want to believe regardless of the truth.

Figure it out...

What Love IS...

For many, love is just a word
that's often spoken, seldom heard.
For many, love is just a sound
that often on their lips is found.
For many, love doesn't mean a thing
though often it feels the songs they sing.

For some, love is what they show.
It's the only way of life they know.
For some, love is what they do
to help the hurting see life through.
For some, love means everything
and gives them every reason to sing.

©2010 Rod Allen

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