Monday, May 30, 2011

Edge Of A Cliff?

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There's an interesting video Robert Prechter forwarded to my attention called "Edge Of A Cliff" that forecasts a major reversal in mass mood at the end of May:

This was followed by another video indicating the East Asia, e.g., Korea, would be the source of some sort of international crisis:

Whatever the source of any coming "historical shock" (I'm wondering if an Israeli strike on Iran is imminent), I believe this fledgling MoodCompass organization may be on to something.

As I have been highlighting, this month there's been a major planetary alignment that will be capped by a solar eclipse on June 1st. I've long maintained that key historical turning points correlate with significant planetary alignments after which eclipses may act as "triggers":

Meanwhile, as overviewed in the epilogue to my Thesis, we should be nearing a reversal into what I've dubbed the "Apocalypse Wave" in mass mood:

In this context, one should note how the DJIA is on the verge of breaking below the lower trendline that has acted as support in stock prices since the March 2009 low:

Should such a breakdown occur decisively, then this could very well be associated with going over the cliff into the Apocalypse Wave of man's insanity.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

IDF Battles as Thousands of Syrians Cross into Golan; One Dead

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Israel National News: IDF Battles as Thousands of Syrians Cross into Golan; One Dead

UK Daily Mail: 16 dead, dozens injured as violence erupts along Israel's borders with Syria

Video of Syrians and Palestinians entering the Israel Controlled Golan Heights earlier today:

This is potentially dangerous.

My read of the "Arab Spring" has been that a lot of what has been witnessed is not far removed from the "Velvet Revolutions" in Eastern Europe that led to the end of the Soviet Union. The latter 'democratic uprisings' were staged by Moscow's intelligence services as part of the feigned collapse of totalitarian "Communism":

This strategic deception opened the way for Russia and China to wage a false peace that has paid enormous dividends in the form of massive reductions in America's nuclear arsenal, access to Western technology, goading America and the Western powers into "imperialist aggression", etc.

Nevertheless, since the "revolutions" in 1989 seemed to be a victory for democracy, Westerners accepted what they were told at face value since it's what they wanted to believe. Likewise, the seemingly pro-democracy uprisings throughout the Arab world in recent months have come as a welcome surprise in the West since it seems long-time dictatorships are being undone. However, this might be misleading.

Nations like Egypt, Libya and Syria are military states that were setup by the Soviet Union in which the "Mukhabarat", i.e., the secret police, run the show behind the scenes. The uprisings that have occurred in these nations would not have taken place without some degree of instigation and connivance, if not outright choreography, by the Mukhabarat IMHO. (Note how Iran sent warships to transit the Suez Canal BEFORE Hosni Mubarak was overthrown even though there was no reason for Iran to have expected this turn of events....a glaring historical loose end.) The question is thus, why are the secret services in these Arab states stirring what appear to be popular revolts? I do not believe the answer is 'to make way for democracy'. I believe the answer is to 'make way for war on Israel'.

To get a sense of how this is so, one need only note the visit paid by Egypt's new intelligence chief, Murad Muwafi, to Syria in April. This trip, which undoubtedly led to serious concerns in Israel and the U.S., signified how the power struggle in Egypt had resolved in favor of forces interested in war rather than peace with Israel.

The violence that erupted on Israel's borders today, the anniversary of the creation of Israel that Palestinians call the 'nakba' or catastrophe, might signify a historical turning point into a final, all-out Arab-Israel War, and then global nuclear war, that has long been planned by Russia and the Arab powers.

In this regard, let me reiterate that the 'apocalyptic vision' I had in February 1991 started with seeing a special report of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel. (With today's news I'm starting to wonder if Harold Camping is not too far off the mark. God have mercy.)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"No one knows about that day or hour..."

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"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." [Matthew 24:36]

I believe I'm the reincarnation of Jesus and the "second coming" is thus already underway (so what?!), but this whole Harold Camping theory that May 21st, 2011 is Judgment Day is way over the top IMHO:

Eschatology can be very counterproductive and even collectively suicidal.....especially when TPTB live according to it:

Camping and the like simply don't comprehend what they wish for....nor do they realize there is no "rapture", i.e., no flying sleigh ride to heaven by a magic Jesus based upon God's naughty vs. nice list, for them to escape the coming tribulation:

"Judgment Day" is all about the misjudgment of man versus the sound judgment of God IMHO.

This catastrophic fate is apparently inescapable because, no matter how hard I try, the truth will not be heeded. That's nothing to revel in. It just plain sucks as far as I can tell....but I guess that's the way the story is written whether I or anyone else likes it or not.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Major Planetary Alignment This Month (May 2011)

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And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring. [Luke 21:25]

A major planetary alignment will occur this month:

This month's planetary alignment comes in the wake of the March "supermoon". Note that the May 17th full moon (which also marks a Puetz eclipse crash window) will also be near lunar perigee:

Then there's that whole "Mayan Calendar" thingamajig:

(Watch especially after the 6 minute mark.)

Also keep in mind the Kremlin's penchant for using astrology in shaping world history.

Maybe the mass hysterias about an earthquake amongst Italians and Judgment Day amongst American Christians aren't completely unwarranted?

It's possible we are about to turn down into the "Apocalypse Wave":

God have mercy...

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Lunatic, Liar or Lord?

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My central thesis is that man as a species is certifiably insane at the current juncture, suffering from collective emotional and mental instability and associated extraordinary popular delusions, thus constituting a danger to himself and the world he inhabits.

[Think of how President Barack Obama, just after releasing a laughably fake 'birth certificate' and whose political career literally started in the living room of Communist domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (never mind Ayers likely wrote Obama's 'autobiography'!), is now considered champion in the U.S.-led War On Terror for bringing down Osama bin Laden....a figurehead who had little to do with 9/11 in the first place. In other words, someone that likely symbolizes an ultimate national security failure is popularly believed to be a profound national security success. I'm afraid this situation reflects almost perfect mass self-delusion before a catastrophic upset of misled popular beliefs and expectations, i.e., the "Apocalypse Wave".]

Man's collective insanity plays out historically as the ups and downs in mass mood known as bull and bear markets on Wall Street, business cycles and, most importantly, fractal "Elliott Wave" patterns of human progress and regress. Instability generated by man's egoism which goes against the reality of our essential oneness IMHO.

While most think it would make sense to constrain the implications of cycles in mass mood and thought to financial and economic developments, what's key to understand is that ALL of human history unfolds in the context of these historical swings. A fine example of that occurred with the last significant cyclical reversal in early March when the DJIA reversed below the psychologically important 12000 mark and this took the form of the major earthquake and tsunami in Japan and subsequent nuclear crisis.

This latest "coincidence", or more aptly "historical correlation", was further corroboration of the theory I've been positing that thought is all that matter's (matter is) rather than vice versa (idealism over materialism, i.e., the "conscious" whole is greater than the sum of the parts). More so, meaning is primary and what is "written" by the Creator (universal consciousness within which we are co-creators) to convey meaning to us (and through us) is secondary. In this sense, our universe is effectively like a 'never-ending story' where the essential meaning is the guiding force for what is expressed through temporal bits and pieces of material creation and destruction, e.g., Elliott Wave fractals of human progress and regress, biological growth and decay, life and death, etc.

What's being written in God's creation is temporal, but the meaning, the spirit of HIStory, is eternal and ultimately the source of all that is. Human beings are creatures perfectly designed to conceive and receive meaning, God is the universal meaning-maximizer and, as with all great stories, there come concluding chapters when the whole point of what's been written is made clear for all who are reading. In this sense, it is rather telling that the final chapter of The Bible (meaning 'The Book') is called 'Revelation':

An Apocalypse (Greek: apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted. The Apocalypse of John is the Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament. (Wikipedia)

But what meaning is to be realized via the "Apocalypse"? seems rather key that this final chapter of the Bible is mainly prophetic, i.e., it describes future catastrophic world events foreseen some 2000 years ago by John of Patmos.

Why is prophecy key?

It's really quite simple. Only the author of a story can know events in future chapters before they "unfold", i.e., before they are "read" by others. More so, we are as creatures effectively characters in the Creation being authored by our Creator. The Author of our universe stands outside of time and space and knows the full story we experience as unfolding HIStory from beginning to end. Thus, the fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible's last chapter is PARTICULARLY REVEALING IN THAT THE EXISTENCE OF GOD THE AUTHOR, AND TRUE AUTHORITY OVER HIS-STORY, IS ESTABLISHED since only the sovereign, omniscient Author of the story could have foreshadowed to characters in the book within which we dwell momentous events that would transpire some two millennium later in human history. ("Scientifically", this means that the four-dimensional holographic illusion of our universe from beginning to end is fractally-embedded on the 3-dimensional surface of space we measure and "experience" over time as unfolding "reality".)

But even so, what is the point?

The Author, by revealing His existence, brings an end to the insanity of man's ongoing worldly struggle to write his own story. Indeed, it is most telling that the catastrophic events foretold in the Bible's Book of Revelation are ultimately being caused by man trying to be the sovereign author in human history, which he is not - only God is, and that is key to comprehending the true meaning of what's being written.

It's all about the humble counterpoint of God's love and truth versus man's dangerous self-delusion of universal self-importance:

Get it?

That this all seems upside down to everyone around me is by definition. Truly man is smart enough to understand this no matter how subjective he may have been made....and that's the difference between the temporal, subjective fictions of man versus the eternal, objective reality of God.

So who do you choose to believe?

Am I lunatic, liar or Lord?

(NOTE: It is only by taking this seemingly insane self-sacrificial path that I can save man from himself. Tis part of the job.)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A spokesperson for God?

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This guy seems to be a wingnut, but so do I.

Something is very wrong about this whole story of Osama bin Laden being taken down by Barack Obama. The current American President is no hero. He is a zero.

Where is this all misleading? I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are a lot of dead Jews and Americans in the end.

God works in mysterious ways.

UPDATE: Dead bin Laden photo ‘is a fake’ | euronews, world news
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