Monday, May 30, 2011

Edge Of A Cliff?

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There's an interesting video Robert Prechter forwarded to my attention called "Edge Of A Cliff" that forecasts a major reversal in mass mood at the end of May:

This was followed by another video indicating the East Asia, e.g., Korea, would be the source of some sort of international crisis:

Whatever the source of any coming "historical shock" (I'm wondering if an Israeli strike on Iran is imminent), I believe this fledgling MoodCompass organization may be on to something.

As I have been highlighting, this month there's been a major planetary alignment that will be capped by a solar eclipse on June 1st. I've long maintained that key historical turning points correlate with significant planetary alignments after which eclipses may act as "triggers":

Meanwhile, as overviewed in the epilogue to my Thesis, we should be nearing a reversal into what I've dubbed the "Apocalypse Wave" in mass mood:

In this context, one should note how the DJIA is on the verge of breaking below the lower trendline that has acted as support in stock prices since the March 2009 low:

Should such a breakdown occur decisively, then this could very well be associated with going over the cliff into the Apocalypse Wave of man's insanity.

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