Sunday, May 15, 2011

IDF Battles as Thousands of Syrians Cross into Golan; One Dead

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Israel National News: IDF Battles as Thousands of Syrians Cross into Golan; One Dead

UK Daily Mail: 16 dead, dozens injured as violence erupts along Israel's borders with Syria

Video of Syrians and Palestinians entering the Israel Controlled Golan Heights earlier today:

This is potentially dangerous.

My read of the "Arab Spring" has been that a lot of what has been witnessed is not far removed from the "Velvet Revolutions" in Eastern Europe that led to the end of the Soviet Union. The latter 'democratic uprisings' were staged by Moscow's intelligence services as part of the feigned collapse of totalitarian "Communism":

This strategic deception opened the way for Russia and China to wage a false peace that has paid enormous dividends in the form of massive reductions in America's nuclear arsenal, access to Western technology, goading America and the Western powers into "imperialist aggression", etc.

Nevertheless, since the "revolutions" in 1989 seemed to be a victory for democracy, Westerners accepted what they were told at face value since it's what they wanted to believe. Likewise, the seemingly pro-democracy uprisings throughout the Arab world in recent months have come as a welcome surprise in the West since it seems long-time dictatorships are being undone. However, this might be misleading.

Nations like Egypt, Libya and Syria are military states that were setup by the Soviet Union in which the "Mukhabarat", i.e., the secret police, run the show behind the scenes. The uprisings that have occurred in these nations would not have taken place without some degree of instigation and connivance, if not outright choreography, by the Mukhabarat IMHO. (Note how Iran sent warships to transit the Suez Canal BEFORE Hosni Mubarak was overthrown even though there was no reason for Iran to have expected this turn of events....a glaring historical loose end.) The question is thus, why are the secret services in these Arab states stirring what appear to be popular revolts? I do not believe the answer is 'to make way for democracy'. I believe the answer is to 'make way for war on Israel'.

To get a sense of how this is so, one need only note the visit paid by Egypt's new intelligence chief, Murad Muwafi, to Syria in April. This trip, which undoubtedly led to serious concerns in Israel and the U.S., signified how the power struggle in Egypt had resolved in favor of forces interested in war rather than peace with Israel.

The violence that erupted on Israel's borders today, the anniversary of the creation of Israel that Palestinians call the 'nakba' or catastrophe, might signify a historical turning point into a final, all-out Arab-Israel War, and then global nuclear war, that has long been planned by Russia and the Arab powers.

In this regard, let me reiterate that the 'apocalyptic vision' I had in February 1991 started with seeing a special report of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel. (With today's news I'm starting to wonder if Harold Camping is not too far off the mark. God have mercy.)

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