Wednesday, March 23, 2005

U.S. Judges Rule Again to Murder the Innocent

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Terri Schiavo is about to die.

Apparently, with the help of Leftist activist judges who have overtaken America's courts, her husband will finally succeed in killing her. Florida's assistant district attorney considered bringing charges against Michael after evidence was unearthed that Terri may have fallen victim to his abuse, but there's a four year statute of limitations on attempted murder in the state, so nothing was done. (Although, there's apparently no limitation on attempting to murder your spouse using the morally corrupt U.S. court system.)

It get's worse, once Terri's dead, Michael's going to reap a huge financial reward! In January of 1993, a jury awarded Michael $350,000 for loss of consortium, and $750,000 went into a medical trust for all of Terri's future rehabilitative care, which was based on the testimony of Michael stating that he wanted to care for Terri for the rest of his life. If Terri should die, Michael would inherit the balance of the trust fund. Not only did Mr. Schiavo not provide Terri with rehabilitation, he has denied his wife any and all therapy, against doctors' recommendations, since the 1993 malpractice award and used the trust fund to pay for lawyers for having her killed. One should also note that the trust fund money was invested in blue chip stocks such that today the balance would be $2.8 million rather than $750,000, so there is probably a lot more left then is widely believed.

So now as Terri lies in her bed dehydrated and starving to death by court order. God's people are taking final desperate measures to try and save her. The little boy below had the gaul to try and bring her a glass of water:

Is this what America has come to?

A nation that allows murdering the innocent invites God's wrath.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


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I've just posted my newest song about Operation Iraqi Freedom is anticipation of the anniversary of the conflicts beginning. Please check it out!
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