Monday, June 28, 2010

The Cold War is over, right?

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The Cold War is over, right?

Guess someone forgot to tell the Russians:

Of course, the vast majority will be perplexed by this news of a major Russian spy ring in the U.S. engaged in deep cover espionage. After all, the Cold War is over and the Russians are purportedly our friends now....right?

This puzzled response also occurs when people view the video of Russian forces shooting survivors of the 'Polish Air Force One' crash in Smolensk in April:

It's also common when people consider the story of Alexander Litvinenko who was assassinated with the rare radioactive substance polonium-210 by Russian agents in 2006. (I ran the Litvinenko Chronicles of his email list about a year before he was assassinated. Litvinenko revealed that al Qaeda is a false front created by Russia's intelligence services.)

The confusion, also known as "cognitive dissonance", is caused by receiving information radically contrary to a long-held, ingrained worldview that is false.

The truth, as I, Jeff Nyquist and many courageous defectors have been pointing out for decades, is that the Cold War never ended for Russia and the totalitarian powers of the East. The military and political conquest of America and the Western powers is and always has been Moscow's objective, it's just being pursued in a far more deceptive way in recent history.

People need to stop being confused about what is unfolding in human history. This world has fallen into temptation and is being delivered to the Evil One who, quite literally, is headquartered in the Kremlin. Just to get a sense of how far gone the West has become, consider the background of President Obama and keep in mind the characteristics of 'deep cover' moles seeking to influence American policy:

(Particularly watch 55:15 minutes into the above documentary, "KGB Connections",
and bear in mind that Obama's political career began
in the living room of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn

One wonders if the arrests today of Russian agents wasn't some sort of shot across the bow of leftist infiltraitors in our government by true patriots in U.S. intelligence and law enforcement circles.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Joel Rosenberg's Epicenter Conference: Live Webcast

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Joel Rosenberg's Epicenter Conference: Live Webcast


Friday, June 25, 2010

Medvedev feels 'Spirit of America' at Ray's Hell Burger

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SEE THE VIDEO reporting on how Russian President Medvedev commented that he found the "Spirit Of America" at "Ray's Hell Burger" in Virginia where he ate with President Obama.

People need to understand that what Medvedev meant by this is the "Russian Idea" that the West, and America and Israel in particularly, are Satanic in character. More specifically, the nationalist mindset of Russia's ruling elite is that Eastern Civilization, and Russia in particularly, are victim of an evil "Yid-Masonic" conspiracy to subjugate the world. Thus, Russia's historical messianic calling, as the 'Holy Russian Empire', is to militarily and politically vanquish the evil Western powers and annihilate the Jews and their American Jewish fiefdom through thermonuclear force.

There is no greater threat facing human civilization at the current juncture then this IMHO and history is literally being shaped according to the stars as Russia pursues its strategic objective.

It's as if the demonic forces misleading this world into ruin are mocking God...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/26 Lunar Eclipse Conjunct Pluto and the Cardinal Climax

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The world might not have to wait for December 21st, 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar for prophetic doom:

The next few months involve an astrological "Cardinal Climax" conducive to the crash portion of the "Apocalypse Wave" I believe is now unfolding. The kickoff might be a lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto on June 26th that is currently relevant:

(The start of the four cardinal signs are represented by the thicker black lines dividing the zodiac diagram into four parts. Note the alignments along the cardinal sign axes above....that's what a "Cardinal Climax" means.)

From a recent interview with renown financial astrologer, Arch Crawford:

Q: Does energy from difficult alignments reveal itself in ways that go beyond financial markets?

A: In April 1986 we had a Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto. The close proximity with Pluto is rare. So we told subscribers, "If you don't feel this one, you're not alive!" We were prophetic, as the April 26th Chernobyl accident raised radiation levels worldwide.

By the way, we have another Lunar Eclipse conjunct with Pluto on June 26. Pluto “rules” nuclear power, debt, interest rates, and the use of force, say the astrologers. Maybe June 26 is the de facto start of the Cardinal Climax.

In November 1989, we observed a Saturn conjunct with Neptune, both opposite Jupiter to the day. This alignment happens every hundreds of years; i.e., it is extremely rare. Several days later the Berlin Wall fell.

In our July 1990 we told subscribers, “This will be one of the worst days of the century. There will be coercion, the use of force, a large explosion and heartlessness or cruelty August 2-7." On Aug. 2, Saddam Hussein unexpectedly attacked Kuwait. What alarmed me was the Lunar Eclipse forming another Grand Cross, this time with Mars opposite Pluto.

In the Market Watch section of the July 16th, 1990 issue of 'Barron's', there is an excerpt from the Crawford's investment letter:

"...Aug. 6 (Lunar Eclipse squares Mars + Pluto). Expect some major catastrophe on that last one, Aug. 2-7, as something explodes in a big way... Astronomically similar to the Chernobyl disaster..."

Also note that Russia invaded Georgia with a solar/lunar eclipse pair and square of Mars and Pluto in the first part of August in 2008, a similar configuration to what occurred with the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Given the historical pattern, the world bears close watching given the upcoming lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto ("Pluto" representing nuclear energy, i.e., "Pluto"nium) along with the accompanying total solar eclipse on July 11th (the 1st of Av on the Hebrew calendar....a potentially prophetic point I highlighted with a similar solar eclipse last year).

We are now entering the "Puetz eclipse crash window" associated with the upcoming lunar eclipse.

Several years back, a cycle watcher named Steve Puetz attempted to see if eclipses and market crashes were somehow related. He studied eight of the greatest crashes in financial history, from the Holland Tulip Mania of 1637 to the Nikkei of 1990. He found that market crashes tend to occur near full moons, and that the greatest number of crashes start after the first full moon after a solar eclipse, when that full moon is also a lunar eclipse. Puetz found that all eight crashes occurred six days before to three days after a full moon that occurred within six weeks of a solar eclipse. The odds of that being a coincidence, Puetz calculated, are less than 1 in 127,000.

Puetz was not saying that so-called "Puetz windows" always lead to crashes, but that if a crash is going to occur, a Puetz window would be the likely time frame in which it would happen. Puetz windows tend to occur every year or two, while crashes are rare events. (SOURCE)

He....concludes that a full moon in general and a lunar (eclipse) full moon close to solar eclipses, in particular, seem to be the triggering device that allows for the rapid transformation of investor psychology from manic greed to paranoia (SOURCE).

According to Arch Crawford, the upcoming lunar eclipse might mark "the de facto start of the 'Cardinal Climax'".

On August 1, give or take a week, we’ll have the most five-planet alignments in perhaps thousands of years. Known as the “Cardinal Climax,” this is the meanest, nastiest, most challenging and most transformational of any planetary phenomena in all of written history!

Here's the astrological chart for August 1st:

From Crawford's interview:

Q: What do you see?

A: This is the view of the planets from New York City on Aug. 1, at 6am. We have the most planets in the tightest alignments and at the supposedly 'sensitive' Zero degrees of Cardinal signs. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I looked at records going back to the 1800’s, and this is the most difficult alignment I found. When I was at a conference in Boston last month, someone said this was the most difficult alignment they have seen in the last "1,000 years." Another person told me this is the worst alignment in "10,000 years."

Q: What are possible consequences?

Worst cases include a nuclear accident. Nuclear war. Massive societal collapse. Maybe a pole flip, which can wipe out nearly everything.

Cardinal Climax is especially intimidating because of the proximity to the widely touted Mayan Calendar End Date. Plus, the Christians are looking for the Return of Jesus and/or the Rapture, the Muslims await the return of the umteenth Imam, the White Buffalo has been born, and Jews are fighting over the right to rebuild Solomon's Temple on the 'temple mount' in Jerusalem. These are all signs of “end times” by many different cultures.

The one thing most convincing to me is that there are more people alive on the planet today than all who have ever lived in recorded history. So it may be that every soul is on board for this event!

I believe the Cardinal Climax got started with the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus which was opposed by Saturn at 0 degrees Aries on June 8th. On June 9th the U.N. Security Council approved new sanctions on Iran:

Notably, "Iran" literally stands for "Land of the Aryans". The conjunction occurred just as Jupiter and Uranus entered "Aries", the zodiacal sign for Aryans.

Given this connection, one should particularly focus upon events concerning Iran in the context of the other aspects of this Cardinal Climax. Likewise, Korea bears close watching.

As for why astrology has been uncannily accurate in recent decades in forecasting world history, this might have more to do with man than God IMHO.

Truly there is strong evidence that "astroharmonics" matter in the formation of Elliott Wave patterns and fluctuations in mass mood connected to world history. Chris Carolan's work on Autumn panics and the "Spiral Calendar" is particularly revealing on this point, as is Steve Puetz discovery of a connection between financial panics and eclipses. Multiple academic studies have shown a correlation between stock market returns and the lunar cycle. Also, there's the historical pattern of major stock market turning points at psychologically important thousand marks at the time of planetary alignments:

Finally, there's key episodes of extreme market reversals in connection with major planetary alignments like occurred in 1962 and 1987.

Thus, there was likely good reason that ancient civilizations developed astrological beliefs as they closely watched the stars, sun and moon (particularly in agrarian societies) and noted correlations with social phenomena over eons of history.

But even with the evidence in favor of astrology, I believe the correlation between astrological configurations and recent history has been too close and specific to be solely due to astroharmonics. Rather, I believe that one of the reasons astrology is effective at the current juncture is because people in positions of power are intentionally shaping history according to the stars. Thus, history is very much the fate that man makes for himself, even in the fulfillment of doomsday prophecies.

"History is a capricious creature. It depends on who writes it." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"Astrology is a quite serious science. It helps us launch spacecraft, missiles; we use it broadly to forestall suicides among the personnel. Experience shows it is unreasonable to reject it. Our estimates and forecasts are usually corroborated up to 70-75 percent." - Viktor Yakovlev, Commander of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces

"Believe it or not, every three months a summary of astrological prognoses predicting the place and date of future extraordinary occurrences is sent from the St. Petersburg Naval Scientific Research Institute to the Russian Defense Ministry's General Staff." - Komsomolskaya Pravda; January 21, 1998

Lastly, one might note that the upcoming lunar eclipse and Cardinal Climax appear to be centered on my birthdate:

What is God up to?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


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June 25th is the 60th anniversary of North Korea's surprise invasion of South Korea. Is history about to repeat itself? That's one of the possible directions the historical cycles, and even the stars above, are possibly pointing at the current juncture:

What the West completely fails to realize is that Russia and China never stopped the Cold War struggle with the West for global control, they simply have changed strategy in recent decades. Both nations are currently run by rabidly anti-Western nationalist regimes who represent prior generations of leaders dating back to the reign of Stalin and Mao. Korea, in this light, represents the final battle line between East and West, Communism and Capitalism, past and future. That the synthesis of these opposing elements will begin with a siege on "Seoul" makes some tragic sense.

What is unfolding other than the struggle of the collective soul through time? There are almost seven billion human points-of-view on this planet all of which are different. How does God form a common perspective? I don't know, but I'm certain God can...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"King of Kings" Jesus statue struck by lightning, burns to ground...

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What does this mean?

I personally don't think it's a coincidence that the seemingly inexplicable stock market 10% "flash crash" occurred right after I was kicked out of my Bible study by my assistant pastor following lunch with him that day.

But I guess that's just par for the course in my seemingly self-centered delusional belief system.

No one believes times not even myself for that matter. I agree that this is all preposterous, but it is what it is. Quite frankly, it seems to me this world is far better off with the myth than the man, and I feel utterly unqualified to be 'King of Kings', but maybe God knows better. Personally, I'm not interested in this nonsense...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Signs Israel might soon strike Iran and/or Korea might flare-up...

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The articles below suggestive of an imminent Israeli strike on Iran and/or flare-up on the Korean Peninsula might explain why the Elliott Wave count in on the cusp of a wave 3 of 3 of 3, i.e., a crash move:

Also keep in mind the astrological signs (the Iran sanctions resolution was approved with a conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter opposed by Saturn) given what I've been warning about regarding "Kremlin Astrology".

New moon is this weekend; lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto occurs 6/26 (like with Chernobyl, which I don't believe was an accident).

Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites

Egypt secures border, places troops on alert

Israel, US hold joint strike drill

Netanyahu, Barak at IDF Command and Control Exercise in North

Throw this in too for good measure:

N. Korea threatens to destroy S. Korean loudspeakers, turn Seoul into 'sea of flame'

Some astute observers (more) have been noting how currently unfolding world history is consistent with fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39, the 'War of Gog and Magog':

This seems increasingly obvious given the meeting this week of the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey in the wake of the Pallywood produced 'Free Gaza flotilla' tragedy the prior week:

But let's say this is so, i.e., the War of God and Magog is close-at-hand. What's more, let's say I'm right that New Testament apocalyptic prophecies are about to be fulfilled regarding the destruction of not just Israel, but America and Western Civilization as well.

Why is it the folk who make this connection between modern history and prophecy seem to take glee in their understanding? After all, typically the ones who draw the connection are modern-day Christians who think it's great that the Jews have returned to their homeland because this means the Apocalypse is coming and, after they're swooped safely out of the way, the world will be laid asunder by God's wrath making way for Jesus to return and rule God's Kingdom on earth with an iron rod. I have long been pointing out, this deluded perspective is going to serve the purposes of the Evil One well.

Furthermore, if I'm who I think I am, you all have got it very wrong and should be ashamed of yourselves for wishing upon this world the cataclysm about to unfold. Ultimately, with regard to this world's salvation, I don't see how we will ever be saved as long as people cooperate with such a fate without doing a damn thing to stop it. Why is everyone going along with this effective mass suicide attempt?

If this ridiculous tragedy is to reveal that 'I am the Lord', then so be it. Let everyone grow up, lay down their arms and let's bring an end to this self-destructive, childish insanity for Christ's sake forthwith.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Do I need to spell it out for you?

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Everything has come together at the current juncture (more) such that I needn't even spell out what I think.

20-or-so years and everyone still 'make believes' they don't 'get it'.

Because everyone is too busy having pleasure in unrighteousness, and no one is willing to bother with confronting frightening realities and the challenge of thinking for themselves, Western Civilization will soon be destroyed and the free world vanquished by the forces of global tyranny. This is the hard truth that rampant, unrepentant selfishness has engendered. How "rational" is that?

I can't claim I've done everything right....far from it....but at least I know I tried. As far as I can tell, everyone else is guilty of aiding and abetting in the ultimate crime against themselves through what they haven't done.

Salvation is a matter of personal choice that apparently no one is willing to make. How can the world be righted if people won't undo what's wrong? Human civilization can cease to exist, but God will still be. It's just too bad is all...

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." - Ayn Rand

"All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
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