Monday, March 29, 2010

The Obama "Dossier"?

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They got that one! Try again:

From my own research, most if not all of what this video purports to be the case is factually sound.

Note that the reason U.S. intelligence is closely watching "Renegade" is because that is the Secret Service code name for Barack Obama, so he is being watched only in the sense to protect him from what I can ascertain. Unfortunately, America's law enforcement and intelligence services have been usurped by someone that appears to be a Communist mole of some sort.

The American people have no one to blame more than themselves for this predicament since, when given the choice between a patriotic war hero and an anti-American leftist, they opted for the latter.


Because, as is spelled out rather clearly in my blog, Americans are choosing a path to self-destruction....mainly through their unwillingness to think freely and question the pleasant lies they are being told. If thought is no longer free, body will no longer be free thereafter. That's the hard truth.

I suggest we choose liberty, not tyranny, but no one seems to be interested in following me.

So be it. That's your perogative as you were created free to choose for yourselves.

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