Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moscow Subway Bombings - More Lies from Lubyanka

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Why do people believe the nonsensical lies of the KGB/FSB (or whatever the heck they want to call themselves at any given historical point)?

The latest historical deception is the reported bombing of subway trains in Moscow yesterday with the primary attack occurring at the Lubyanka Square station under the headquarters of the KGB/FSB.

Within an hour or so of the purported double bombings in Moscow, there was an accurate count on the number of dead. Within several hours the whole case had been solved and Chechen "Black Widow" female suicide bombers were blamed. By late-afternoon in Russia the whole scene had been cleaned and the subways were operating again. What's more, Russian President Medvedev appeared in a photo-op at the scene of the bombing for a memorial to the fallen in time for the evening news:

Are you freegin kidding me?

I intentionally held back from posting this blog for 24 hours because I wanted to see if authentic independent cell phone videos and pictures would emerge on the internet showing carnage and chaos consistent with the reported attacks, i.e., 39 people killed and hundreds injured. After all, in the Moscow subway system there would have been thousands of witnesses, many with camera-enabled cell phones. Yet, all that has come out are the videos and images put out by RussiaToday, the English-speaking Russian news source that feeds endless misinformation to the West:

As usual, Western media has regurgitated the lies out of Lubyanka (literally in this case) without an ounce of critical judgment and, with even less suspicion, the deception is believed by the masses. The system of strategic deception has become so streamlined, Russia's intelligence services are getting somewhat sloppy IMHO. This story would hardly rate as a B-grade movie put together by some college kids with a smoke bomb, a bucket of cow's blood and a few dozen buddies willing to act as victims and emergency personnel.

In the past the KGB/FSB has been known to commit acts of truly violent terror against the Russian people for purposes of strategic disinformation like the 1999 apartment bombings in southern Russia. Alexander Litvinenko wrote a book about this that he paid for with his life after he was assassinated by Russian intelligence officers with Polonium:

What's tragic and sad is I can point out to you all the endless BS being fed to the world by the Kremlin and STILL NO ONE SEEMS TO GET IT.

At what point do people start to figure out they are being lied to by the most evil force in human history? When mushroom clouds are climbing over nearby cities? What the heck is wrong with everybody? Has everyone lost the capacity for critical reasoning in the face of the Evil One?



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