Thursday, April 01, 2010

Where the lies mislead...

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"We have no right ever to forget that psychological warfare is a struggle for winning people's minds." - Mikhail Gorbachev, 1985


This may be my new motto.

The bottom line is that because this world is deceived by Evil, it is being misled into thermonuclear destruction and totalitarian tyranny. Until people find the courage to DISBELIEVE the forces of the Antichrist, there is no hope for humanity.

The purported Moscow subway bombings of three days ago may be setting the stage for Russian military action in the Caucasus and, most important, another invasion of "Western-backed" Georgia:

Georgia accused over Moscow Metro bombing

The Times(UK) | 03/31/10 | Tony Halpin

March 31, 2010

The head of Russia’s Security Council accused Georgia today of backing terrorism in the North Caucasus and said that it could be involved in the Moscow Metro bombing.

As Moscow held the first funerals for victims of the attack, Nikolai Patrushev alleged that members of Georgia’s special services had links with terrorist groups in the region and said that investigators would look for evidence of their involvement in the double suicide-bombing that killed 39 people on the Metro.

Mr Patrushev, the former director of the Federal Security Service, the successor to the Soviet-era KGB, singled out Georgia and its pro-Western President Mikheil Saakashvili after being asked in an interview about possible foreign involvement in the terror attack.

“All theories have to be checked. For example, there is Georgia and the leader of that state, Saakashvili, whose behaviour is unpredictable,” Mr Patrushev told the Kommersant newspaper.

“He has already unleashed war once. It is possible that he may unleash it again. We have had information that individual members of Georgian special forces support contacts with terrorist organisations in the Russian North Caucasus. We must check this also in relation to the acts of terror in Moscow.”

As I pointed out in 2008, Russia's invasion of Georgia that year was part of some sort of strategic deception that ultimate could lead to a military confrontation between Russia and NATO. This might be what is about to play out.

That the reported Moscow bombings on Monday were staged appears increasingly probable as it has now been 72 hours and still I'm yet to find what I would deem to be authentic, independent cell phone images and videos from some of what should have been thousands of Muscovites caught up in the rush hour mayhem.

For those who have a hard time comprehending how such an incident could be staged, you need to review some history.

For those who have any doubt of how effective Russian strategic deception is on manipulating Western thought, you need to consider who somehow became the U.S. Commander and Chief.

This world is currently literally possessed by the Devil IMHO.

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