Friday, April 02, 2010

Why Russia Wants Its Orthodox Churches Back

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In January TIME magazine carried an article, "Why Russia Wants Its Orthodox Churches Back".

Of course, TIME completely misses the point. I mean...why REALLY would Russia, supposedly broke, be using massive state resources to reacquire, restore and rebuild Russian Orthodox Churches around the world including the opening of ROCs in China, North Korea, Cuba, etc. (places where the opening of a Christian church other than under state authority is literally impossible).

Where else would the Antichrist emerge in the world other than the Kremlin and the KGB as-it-were, the most evil, lying, murderous headquarters/organization in human history?

Why is this so difficult for people to comprehend? How long do you think you can 'make believe' this lie is not really unfolding before the free world is utterly vanquished?

Through willful ignorance and cowardly inaction the people of this world are being delivered in the hands of the Evil One IMHO.

Of course, as free creatures, you have the perogative of not believing me. I just want to make clear that this choice has literally apocalyptic consequences.



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