Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Assassination! - Enhanced Smolensk Russia crash site video

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The following version of the Smolensk "shots fired" video was digitally enhanced and analyzed at a Facebook group setup to investigate the plane crash that occurred on the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Forest massacre:

There's another version posted on YouTube, but I did not trust the translation, so I had a buddy who speaks fluent Russian examine it and offer as accurate a translation as possible. I then meshed this translation with the Polish text in the original video to provide accurate English annotations.

Here's a stabilized version of the original "shots fired" video (watch in 720p):

Clearly this video footage is devastating evidence that, at the least, in the aftermath of the Polish "Air Force One" crash that occurred on 10 April 2010, Russian troops murdered remaining survivors in cold blood. This suggests the crash itself was no accident, but rather was somehow caused by Russia in order to assassinate a large portion of Poland's political and military high command as they flew into Smolensk Russia to attend a 70th anniversary commemoration ceremony of the Katyn Forest massacre of Polish officials during World War Two by Russian forces.

That the Kremlin would be behind such a diabolical act substantially validates the case I've been making for almost 20 years that Russia is engaged in a large-scale deception of the West in order to open the way for a surprise third world war.

UPDATE - One possible motive for Russia taking down 'Poland's Air Force One':

NATO code compromise

The recent crash of a Polish military transport that killed most of Warsaw's senior civilian and military leaders was not only a human catastrophe for a key U.S. ally. NATO sources said that, in addition to the loss of nearly 100 pro-U.S. Polish leaders, the crash provided Moscow with a windfall of secrets.

The crash killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski in western Russia on April 10 and decapitated Poland's military, killing two service chiefs, key military aides and several national security officials, many of whom were carrying computers and pocket memory sticks that contained sensitive NATO data.

Perhaps the most significant compromise, according to a NATO intelligence source, is that the Russians are suspected of obtaining ultrasecret codes used by NATO militaries for secure satellite communications. [Washington Times, 5/13/2010]

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I recomended (polecam):
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Tusk, KomoroWSkI, Putin! - We know the truth!!!

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