Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tyranny & Truth

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On Tyranny...

Well....I've been banned from yet another discussion forum. This time it was "The Final Phase" forum where I've been an active member for many years. You can read my final post HERE (until it is censored). As usual, what got me in trouble was calling the "owners" to account for hypocritically engaging in authoritarian rule in a forum purportedly dedicated to opposing forces in the world seeking to impose authoritarian rule. Same deal happened to me at Free Republic and Liberty Post. It's amazing how those who claim to be the greatest proponents of freedom are typically the quickest enemies of freedom when intellectually challenged! I'm no liberal, but conservatives of this sort are as un-American as they come if you ask me. They'd use the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper if they were in political power.

On Truth...

On the matter of truth and those who genuinely stand for America, Dr. Laurie Mylroie just had a new article published by The American Spectator, dubbed Al Qaeda's Hidden Roots.

Short and to the point, Laurie quickly zeroes in on how a mysterious family from Baluchistan has overseen almost all the major terrorist attacks against America starting with the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and culminating in 9/11. Indeed, Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda are almost a sidenote to what this family has been up to over the past 13+ years.

As I overview below, you can easily establish how America and the world has fallen victim to a black-op using false identities by comparing the DNA of the various members from this Baluch family terrorist network that have thus far been captured, e.g., Ramzi Yousef(AKA Abdul Basit and the '93 WTC bombing mastermind)), Basit's uncle Khalid Mohammed and the 9/11 mastermind, Ammar al-Baluchi (aka Ali Abdul Aziz Ali) - Khalid Mohammed's "other nephew" and right-hand man (the 9/11 paymaster) and Abdul Karim - Ramzi Yousef's supposed brother. If you compare the DNA between these guys, I'm sure you'll find they aren't even directly related. They are simply skilled Baluchi terrorist operatives trained by the KGB and Saddam's Mukhabarrat and handed useful false identities from a Western-travelled family from Kuwait that ceased to exist when Iraq occupied the Kuwaiti emirate in 1990/91.

The only key point where I and Laurie differ is on who is ultimately behind the terrorism directed at America to-date. Iraqi intelligence may have usurped key Baluchi terrorists during the Iran/Iraq War in the 1990s and later used them to underhandedly seek vengeance against the U.S. for the first Gulf War, but it is doubtful the this could have been done without the involvement of Russia's intelligence services. These highly-skilled terrorists were trained by the KGB, which built the Baluch resistance groups during Russia's occupation of Afghanistan during the 1980s. From Pakistan: Unveiling the Mystery of Balochistan Insurgency:

We consulted Sasha and Misha, two former KGB officers who are Afghanists – the veterans of Russo-Afghan war – and they seem to know Balochistan better than most Pakistanis. Obviously, Sasha and Misha are not their real names. They live on the same street in one of the quieter suburbs of Moscow. Two bonds tie them together in their retirement: While on active duty in KGB, they were both frequent travelers to Balochistan during the Russo-Afghan war where they were tasked to foment trouble in Pakistan; and they are both wary of Vodka, the mandatory nectar of Russian cloak and dagger community. They visit each other almost every day and that is why it was easy to catch them together for long chats over quantities of green tea and occasional bowls of Borsch.

We made more than a dozen visits to the single-bedroom flat of Misha, where Sasha was also found more often than not, and we picked their brains on Balochistan situation. As and when we unearthed new information on Balochistan, we returned to Sasha and Misha for comments.

As they told us, during the Russo-Afghan war, the Soviet Union was surprised by the ability and resourcefulness of Pakistan to generate a quick and effective resistance movement in Afghanistan. To punish Pakistan and to answer back in the same currency, Kremlin decided to create some organizations that would specialize in sabotage activities in Pakistan. One such organization was BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army), the brainchild of KGB that was built around the core of BSO (Baloch Students Organization). BSO was a group of assorted left-wing students in Quetta and some other cities of Balochistan.

Misha and Sasha can be considered among the architects of the original BLA.

Iraq's intelligence service, the Mukhabarrat, which was created by the KGB, would have been behind establishing the false identities ('legends') for these terrorists from a Kuwait-based family eliminated in 1990/91. KSM and 'family' then served the vengeful purposes of Baghdad (e.g., the '93 WTC bombing occurred on the 2nd anniversary of Kuwait's liberation from Iraqi occupation)....but these terrorists also served the purposes of Russian intelligence services who have long sought to engage in "Grey Terror" using Islamic extremists that could not be traced back to Moscow. Taking down the WTC Towers and striking the Pentagon were the most symbolic blows imaginable against American capitalism and imperialism....something our communist foes-of-old would revel in. To have achieved this in a way completely delinked from apparent responsibility would be a tremendous achievement for Russia's intelligence services.

If you find it difficult to believe that Russia would be behind terrorist operations against the West, I suggest you take a close look at the history of Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda's supposed #2 leader and the effective operational leader of this now infamous international terrorist network. While Osama bin Laden is the figurehead of al Qaeda, it is Zawahiri who is really running the show. As with KSM and the mysterious, super-skilled Baluch terrorist family behind 9/11, Russia controls terrorist networks by underhandedly establishing the leadership.

"If a nuclear weapon is detonated on American soil and they say it is Arab terrorists, don't believe it." - Col. Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking military officer ever to defect from Russia to the United States(source)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I spent today at Ground Zero: How to prove Iraq was behind 9/11

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Caught up in the moment, I up and left work today and headed down to NYC to Ground Zero of 9/11. I'll catch flak tomorrow, but there's more to life than a paycheck.

In many ways my life seems to revolve around 9/11 and its implications for world history. I am apparently one of a handful of people who truly understand what was behind 9/11, and why we ultimately went to war with Iraq as a result. Indeed, I may have contributed to the intelligence efforts that led to the war now at hand in Iraq.

While walking around the block of the two foundations of the once tall standing World Trade Center buildings, I overviewed with my friend why the Bush Administration chose to strike Saddam's Iraq in response to what happened there five years ago to this day.

For nearly a decade leading up to 9/11, I corresponded regularly with Dr. Laurie Mylroie, who's work ultimately led to the decision of the Bush Administration to take out Saddam Hussein's regime, a point well made in the Frontline episode dubbed "Gunning For Saddam" which aired in late-2001:

We paid careful attention to all the information that came out suggesting Iraq was seeking to wage a terrorist war against America using al Qaeda as a proxy for such efforts.

There has been much uproar about the ABC movie that aired yesterday and today dubbed "The Path To 9/11", but much of the protest by Clintonian Democrats was meritless in that, if anything, the docudrama understated the intelligence blunders that occurred under both the Clinton and Bush Administrations that led to 9/11. The truth is that U.S. intelligence has been and remains so far behind the curve of what our enemies are actually up to that 9/11 pales into comparison to what likely lies ahead.

Nevertheless, if you want to understand why 9/11 occurred and how you can incontrovertibly prove Iraqi involvement, you need only understand a very simple line of logic.

As portrayed in ABC's "Path To 9/11", the mastermind of the first attempt to fell the World Trade Center twin towers was Ramzi Yousef. Ramzi Yousef was captured in early-1996 and soon after, specifically on 9/11/1996, he was convicted of being a terrorist and sentenced to the maximum of 240 years for his involvement in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and the first attempt to take down the Twin Towers. As Mylroie correctly explains in her book, "Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America", Ramzi Yousef fled the U.S. in 1993 using the false identity of Abdul Basit, a Kuwaiti of Pakistani descent.

The problem was that Abdul Basit ceased to exist after Saddam Hussein's forces occupied Kuwait in 1990. Indeed, Basit's entire family disappeared when Iraq took over Kuwait that year. Basit's identity was stolen and provided to Ramzi Yousef so that he might go about his terrorist activities unnoticed and with easy access to the West given how the real Basit studied in the U.K. for a number of years.

Often you'll hear about how Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is Ramzi Yousef's uncle. This isn't entirely correct. Khalid Mohammed is, in fact, the uncle of Abdul Basit. Accordingly, Khalid Mohammad is part of the family that lived in Kuwait when Iraq invaded in 1990 and was likewise one the individuals liquidated so that an identity could be provided to an Iraqi terrorist who would have easy access to the West and provide cover for future terrorist operations. You see, the real Khalid Muhammed studied in the United States.

As is now widely known, following Ramzi Yousef's capture and 9/11/06 conviction, Khalid Muhammed masterminded the infamous plot hatched on 9/11/01.
Thus the two masterminds behind plots to take down the World Trade Center towers in 1993 and 2001 used false identities derived from a Kuwait family of Pakistani descent that ceased to exist when Saddam's Iraq took over the Kuwaiti emirate in 1990.

If you want to prove this is the case, and thereby prove Saddam's complicity in 9/11, it is very simple. Both Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Shaikh Muhammad are now in U.S. custody. Yousef is serving out his 240 years sentence in a supermax security federal penetentiary in Colorado and Khalid Muhammad is currently detained at a facility for al Qaeda terrorists in Guantanamo.

If the DNA of Yousef and Muhammad are compared I'm almost certain you will find they are not genetically related. Why? Because both of these individuals are Iraqi operatives that were provided false identities by the Mukhabarrat (Iraqi intelligence services) to carry out their infamous acts of terrorism against the World Trade Center towers in New York City in 1993 and 2001.

This is the smoking gun of Saddam's involvement...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Jesus is back?

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But another false Jesus....on the Today Show:

Saturday, September 02, 2006

9/11 Tribute

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Well....the fifth anniversary of 9/11 approaches. There are all kinds of tributes out there, but sometimes the best wisdom comes from the mouth of a babe:

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