Saturday, April 03, 2010

"We know who staged Moscow metro attack - Russia's intelligence chief"

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Might have found a proverbial 'smoking gun' establishing that Russia's intelligence services staged the Moscow metro bombings on Monday.

READ HERE... (If you are not a member at the TB2K forum, you can read the thread HERE using Internet Explorer.)

As established by the 1999 apartment bombings in southern Russia and the 2004 Beslan Massacre, Russian secret services have a history of carrying out self-induced "false flag" terrorism for strategic purposes. Notably, the main metro bombing occurred at Lubyanka Station under the headquarters of the Russian Federal Security Service (the "FSB" - i.e., the KGB as-it-were). Bear in mind that the FSB has some 75,000 highly-skilled agents trained in deception tactics available to create large-scale Potemkin masquerades to misinform the world. (Most often they carry out actual terrorist acts killing people, but I think in this case they didn't really want to kill, and thereby enrage, fellow Muscovites since the Russian people are aware of the FSB's tactics in this regard.)

[Please note that this blogger, who ran the Litvinenko Chronicles for more than a year before he was assassinated with Polonium by the Russian intelligence service for whom he had worked, considers Alexander Litvinenko to be an unprecedented hero who told the truth forthrightly even though he knew it might cost him his life. It is noteworthy that, just before his funeral in London, there was a violent thunderstorm that included hail and an exceptionally rare tornado. I believe this reflected God's anger at his murder.]

My guess at this point is that this was false flag terrorism setting the stage for a new Russian invasion of Georgia or like action. Of course, another Russian invasion of Georgia would for all intents and purposes be staged like last time. That this might be coming down the historical pike is indicated by the news story below that suggests the Georgian people are being desensitized to a future Russian invasion. This may have been done to temper any actual resistance by the Georgian people should Russia actually invade in the near-future since Georgians are unaware of how their nation is but a puppet in a Kremlin geopolitical puppet show geared ultimately to effect the West's defeat.


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