Monday, May 24, 2010

On the triumph of Evil...

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"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." - Ayn Rand

"All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Twenty years ago I was studying economics and earnestly seeking to understand the nature of the society I live in. This led me to the work of Robert Prechter on the Elliott Wave Principle which at the time was projecting we were approaching a Grand Supercycle top that for all intents and purposes meant the peak of Western Civilization before a horrendous collapse that would bring a tragic end to the freedom and prosperity the world had been enjoying for so very long.

As I learned the Wave Principle and the behavior of man as a species, I soon realized an implication is that the historical pattern of collective human behavior is manic-depressive in character. What's more, I realized that the underlying source of the mass insanity is unrelenting selfishness. These realizations put me completely at odds with the absurd theories of economics I was learning at the time that maintained the unfettered pursuit of selfish gain without regard to the welfare of others or society as a whole would generate an ideal long-run collective outcome dubbed by economic theorists as "general equilibrium" and "Pareto optimality", i.e., social harmony and maximum happiness for all. Instead, what I came to understand was that the self-centered behavior of individuals, businesses and nations was, in the long-run, resulting in a "Global Bipolar Disorder" and complete mass delusion regarding the future outcome of such misconduct since, in actuality, what was being generated was a Grand Supercycle collapse in the form of the prophetic Apocalypse forewarned about by Jesus Christ.

Seeing the writing on the wall, and inspired by a supernatural revelation from God, I set out to try and stop humanity from destroying itself as was evidently the course being chosen by everyone around me. In so doing, I was subsequently ignored, ridiculed and, at worst, dismissed as insane. No one has valued what I've been seeking to reveal and no one has helped me in trying to save humanity. Thus, this world has pursued its own destruction unfettered by the potentially cataclysmic historical pattern unfolding before everyone's eyes, and all this time I've just been infuriated and perplexed as to why no one gets it.

The simple answer is that no one gets it because everyone is, as I had already ascertained, IRRATIONALLY self-interested and, by definition, believe what they want to believe.

After all, if the Wave Principle is correct, and my accompanying suppositions that this world has fallen into temptation and is literally being delivered into Evil is accurate, then no one is willing to make a personal sacrifice for the greater good of saving those around them by compromising their personal reputation and worldly interests on behalf of humanity's salvation. Apparently this role has been exclusively placed upon my own shoulders whether I like it or not.

And so here we are. Dow 10,000 looks like it will soon be breached as mass mood collapses into the Grand Supercycle crash that could very well take the form of World War Three and still no one seems to get it and/or those who do get it are unwilling to respond in any way that might preserve lives and the free world.

It's all so absolutely ridiculous, you really can't describe what is unfolding in any other manner than the complete insanity of man is now running its inevitable suicidal course because everyone has opted to serve themselves rather than God.

Is there any hope at all?

Let me suggest that maybe it's high time to throw away your self-centered ways and actually try to save the world because any idea that Christ can achieve this objective alone is also completely insane IMHO. After all, I'm no more than you.


synergetic4d said...

If you have never read R Buckminster Fuller's Critical Path and GRUNCH of giants please do do at once and let us join together to overcome the lie we are all weaned on.We do not have to live this way ,the only solution is livingry instead of weaponry

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend and Brother. Do not be affraid. Almighty God is in control. We are already praying that only the wicked who are not interested in being redeemed be removed and God's righteousness and peace return to our planet soon. We are now to stay grounded, trust and retain our faith and go about our daily work as normal and sane as possible. The victory belongs to Abba Father who is faithful, trustworthy and who will not fail His people. Remember the righteous will live by faith.
Shalom Shalom! Christina

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