Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comrade J

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In 2000, Sergei Tretyakov become one of the highest-ranking and most recent Russian spies ever to defect to the United States.

In 2008, he had a book published detailing his story:

In 2008, NPR ran a story on Tretyakov with the release of his book. (LISTEN)

Tretyakov may be added to my list of the "great defectors", although I must research further to ascertain whether or not he is bona fide or a source of strategic disinformation.

The following interview of Tretyakov on CNN suggests he may be the real deal:

There is a commentator on YouTube indicating that Tretyakov could be a false defector based upon his suggestion that Russia and China have adversarial relations, a point with which I would concur. (Tretyakov might simply not have been in a position to know the truth on this score.)


rrman said...

Russian oil company announced will not do Iran Contract....I think they know Israel is going to bomb Iran and This dustup between the US and Israel is cover for us with the Arab World...we can say hey we can't control em dont blame us....

Its getting ready to happen!

rrman said...

FWIW, Lloyd's of London just on Monday placed Iran on it's "high risk" list for shipping insurance.

Odd timing considering the Iran nuke program/sanctions issue has been at the forefront of geopolitics since the New Year . . .

rrman said...

Diego Garcia is a joint US Britain Base it seems the bombs were diverted
there because we are going to let Israel's bombers use the base
Isn't it interesting that both Britain and the US pick fights with Israel
for cover while we let them use our joint base to bomb Iran...

rrman said...

ust a reminder: FWIW

Panic days Marh 23 to March 30

PASSOVER IS MARCH 29th I think they might do that for surprise the Muslim's won't suspect them to bomb on Passover

J. Adams said...

Thank you for that information. This week does seem to be shaping up as some sort of humdinger. God speed!

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