Friday, June 25, 2010

Medvedev feels 'Spirit of America' at Ray's Hell Burger

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SEE THE VIDEO reporting on how Russian President Medvedev commented that he found the "Spirit Of America" at "Ray's Hell Burger" in Virginia where he ate with President Obama.

People need to understand that what Medvedev meant by this is the "Russian Idea" that the West, and America and Israel in particularly, are Satanic in character. More specifically, the nationalist mindset of Russia's ruling elite is that Eastern Civilization, and Russia in particularly, are victim of an evil "Yid-Masonic" conspiracy to subjugate the world. Thus, Russia's historical messianic calling, as the 'Holy Russian Empire', is to militarily and politically vanquish the evil Western powers and annihilate the Jews and their American Jewish fiefdom through thermonuclear force.

There is no greater threat facing human civilization at the current juncture then this IMHO and history is literally being shaped according to the stars as Russia pursues its strategic objective.

It's as if the demonic forces misleading this world into ruin are mocking God...

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