Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Apocalypse Wave Has Begun (NOT!)

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In recent weeks there's been quite a spate of major, history-altering "news".

First there was the popular uprisings in the Mideast leading to the overthrow of the long-term dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt and then an effective civil war in Libya erupted. Next, last Friday a massive 9.0 earthquake struck near Japan causing a tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster which is still underway.

Global financial markets have begun responding negatively to these unfolding crises with reversals from psychologically important thousand marks in key stock indices around the world. In January I projected that a reversal was likely from thousand marks in key international stock indices that would involve historical shocks. Clearly we are now seeing this play out.

What I've also been warning about since the rebound in stock prices following the 2007-2009 bear market that kicked off two years ago this month is that the subsequent reversal, which I believe is now starting to unfold, may constitute what I've been calling the "Apocalypse Wave". This warning is drawn from the Elliott Wave Principle which holds that mass mood, and in association stock prices, swing over time according to a fractal wave pattern such that there are cycles within cycles within cycles:

According to this Elliott Wave pattern, over the last decade-or-so the stock market and popular sentiment has been in the midst of the most important turning point in human history: the Grand Supercycle, if not Millenium Cycle, peak:

If this assessment is accurate, the world is facing the largest bear market in human history; a catastrophic collapse in stock prices and associated mass mood that could ultimately involve a 99%+ drop in stock markets around the world:

I have devoted half of my life to determining and warning this world about what might cause this historically unprecedented upset of prevailing beliefs and expectations. More specifically, in 1991, while I was in the midst of a written correspondence with Robert Prechter contemplating what might eventually "cause" the Grand Supercycle collapse we were anticipating, I had an "apocalyptic vision" that involved foreseeing a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel that will be followed by a global nuclear war. From that point forth I uncovered just how such a cataclysmic conflict could erupt, i.e., the "communist" East, especially Russia and China, have been systematically deceiving the "capitalist West" in order to set the stage for a surprise third world war.

Will Western-led military action against Libya as was authorized tonight by the U.N. Security Council somehow trigger the chemical missile attack on Israel I foresaw 20 years ago?

(Note: The above special report is similar to what I saw, but it was not the same one.
No special report of a SCUD missile attack on Israel aired the evening I saw it.)

Are we truly on the verge of the Apocalypse?

God have mercy...

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