Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Brutally evil dictatorships: Libya, Russia & China

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I'm afraid this story could prove prescient: U.S. intel: Libya may be hiding WMD stockpile at airbase in South

Russia has taken a stance against establishing any sort of "no-fly zone" over Libya:

"If someone in Washington is seeking a blitzkrieg in Libya, it is a serious mistake because any use of military force outside the NATO responsibility zone will be considered a violation of international law."- Russian NATO ambassador Dmitry Rogozin

Now why is that? What does Russia care? Why side with the dictatorial madman, Colonel Qaddafi?

Meanwhile, here's the inside scoop on the Islamic revolutions compliments of the same Russian spokesperson:

Attempts to force democracy onto Middle East will increase Islamic radicalism - Rogozin

Moscow, March 9, Interfax - Attempts made by Western countries to bring democracy to the countries of the conflict-torn countries of the Middle East and North Africa will increase Islamic radicalism in the region, Russian envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said.

"All revolutions are started by left-radical elements. They may fight for power using pro-democratic slogans. However, we eventually see the same face of Islamic radicalism," Rogozin said in an interview with Rossiya-24 television.

"That's how it will happen because as a result of these events the West will be faced with a large flow of refugees and the radicalization of political regimes in the area they are now trying to do good," Rogozin said.

He believes the Western countries are wrong to regard the opposition forces that have recently intensified in some countries of the Middle East and North Africa as democratic. "The West is trying to regard these opposition forces, which as they say are attacking tyrants, from a democratic viewpoint. They are again parachuting their own democracy in its Western understanding," he said.

Rogozin said the West will be having problems because it "is trying to get into everything, help, and bring order, but it only leads to chaos and broken pots."

When dealing with pathological liars, it's best to carefully examine just how they are seeking to mislead you and everyone else.

What's sick is the Kremlin is cynically using America's concern for freedom, democracy and human rights to ensnare and destroy Western Civilization. The "revolutions" in Tunisia and Egypt "succeeded", thus setting the stage for the mad Libyan dictatorship in the middle.

The West is torn about whether or not to impose a no-fly zone without international support, so shift the blame for inaction where the blame is do. Announce that the U.S. and NATO would proceed with a no-fly zone and support the overthrow of Qaddafi once Russia and China agree to provide U.N. authorization. If the latter powers don't approve and the opposition is crushed, then it was a consequence of the foreign policy decisions of Russia and China who opted to back the insane, murderous Libyan regime instead of stand in favor of freedom and democracy (which they actually despise).

It's time to stop being baited and played by the murderous, dictatorial regimes of import of the East: Russia and China. Call a spade a spade and to heck with political correctness at the expense of the free world.

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