Saturday, June 08, 2013

BREAKING: John Samir Zawahri name of shooter in Santa Monica mass shooting; murdered his father Samir Zawahri and older brother Chris

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The name of the shooter in the Santa Monica mass shooting is John Samir Zawahri. John, 23-years-old (birthday today), murdered his father Samir Zawahri, 55, and older brother Christopher Samir Zawahri, 25, and set the family home ablaze at 2036 Yorkshire Avenue yesterday before going on a shooting spree across town that ended when John was shot dead by police at Santa Monica College. At this time, five shooting victims have died including the shooter. The family was apparently of either Lebanese or Jordanian descent and Samir Zawahri, the father, was recently divorced from his ex-wife Randa Abou who had sought a temporary restraining order against her husband at some point. Notably, John Zawahri had a history of mental illness:

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN on Saturday that the gunman had suffered mental health issues. A couple of years ago, he was hospitalized for treatment after allegedly talking about harming someone, according to the official.

It's not clear whether the state government or his family committed him for treatment or whether he committed himself. It's also unclear under what circumstances he was released. The gunman has yet to be identified by police.

According to a comment on my prior post:

The family is Jordanian, members of the "Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church"

Both of the sons were born in the 1980's in Los Angeles. The family has connections in Akron, Ohio.


Name: Samir S Zawahri
Address: 2036 Yorkshire Avenue

Spouse: Randa A Abdou
Address: 3527 S Centinela Ave Apt 6


Name: Christopher Samir Zawahri
Birth: 6 Aug 1987 - Los Angeles, California

Name: John Samir Zawahri
Birth: 8 Jun 1989 - Los Angeles, California

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Dana Zawahri said...

As it mentions in the article, John Zawahri is said to have "conncetions" in Akron, Ohio. Being one of those claimed "connections" I believe it is our right to inform you that the Zawahri's residing in Akron, Ohio are first generation Zawahri's who branched off the the Halasa Family less than a centery ago. I reiterate, the Zawahri's in Akron, Ohio have absoutely no "connections" or relations with John Zawahri or his family. In order to make claims such as these it's important to check your sources before assiocating inncoent people across the country with this type of tragegy. Thank you.

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