Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's Really Going On In Syria? - Another mysterious 'terrorist' bombing in Damascus

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7/16/12 update

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The big news yesterday out of Syria was of a massive 'terrorist' bombing of the Interior Ministry building in Damascus:

The building of the Syrian interior ministry in the capital Damascus has been targeted by three explosions, according to state TV.

One of the blasts was caused by a car bomb, the report said.

There had been "a number of deaths and injuries" and damage to the building.

Meanwhile, members of a group of more than 100 countries have recognised Syria's opposition coalition as the "legitimate representative" of the Syrian people.

Foreign ministers from the Friends of Syria group made the decision to recognise the opposition National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Force after talks in Morocco.

'Huge explosion'

The interior ministry building is in the Kafar Souseh district, an area on the south-western outskirts of the capital where fighting has previously been reported between government forces and rebels.

The main entrance of the building was damaged by the blasts, state TV said.

A resident of Kafar Souseh told the Reuters news agency she heard sirens and shooting after a "huge explosion". [SOURCE: BBC]

As I've been warning at length in my "What's Really Going On In Syria?" blogs, the seeming insurgency there just doesn't add up, and there's reason to suspect that what's unfolding has been instigated from the top down.

Why would this be?

All I can point out is that the regime of Bashar Assad, in alliance with Russia and other hardline Arab/Islamic states like Iran and now Egypt, never lose site of the larger strategic objective, i.e., the destruction of "Big Satan" and "Little Satan", i.e., America and Israel. History is thus being shaped accordingly to effect this end.

The bombing of Syria's Interior Ministry seems to be a similar repeat of the bombing of Syria's National Headquarters building in July which I made clear at the time was a bombing that never actually occurred as reported. The BBC was the only news service that brought to light the suspicious circumstances of that purported terrorist event.

With regard to this newest 'terrorist' bombing, there was some astute reporting by Enduring America WorldView suggesting the bombing of the Interior Ministry building was an inside job:

1946 GMT: Syrian Media, SANA, now reports that three different explosions resulted in "martyring of a number of people and the injuring of others" at the Interior Ministry in Damascus. SANA does not say whether any officials have been injured, though rumors are flying, rumors which State TV has already denied. They have posted several pictures, two of which we post here (click for full size):

The problem? Looking at the video we posted at 1634: appears that the rebars in the floor, were blown directly down. In the pictures below, you can see some of them sticking down. Only a huge explosion would do this. Furthermore, the blast would have to be right above this floor. Also, there are no signs of car parts, or scorching.

In other words, according to some weapons experts we've consulted, the main blast does not look at all like a car bomb. A car bomb would be difficult anyway, as sources suggest that the street in front of the Ministry has been closed by security for some time.

So how could an explosive that powerful get inside the Interior Ministry?

We'd note that these a preliminary findings. As more evidence comes in, and experts have more context with which to analyze that evidence, it may be easier to pinpoint a likely cause of the explosions.

Once again, what seems to be unfolding is an effort on the part of Syria to project the image that their nation is falling victim to 'Western imperialist aggression', and I believe this is opening the way ultimately for an all-out war on Israel and then the United States using weapons of mass destruction:

Ultimately this will open the way for Russia and Chinese domination of the world under the battle cry that the self-serving foreign policies of the Western powers completely failed to properly govern world affairs thereby justifying a global takeover by the 'former' Communist powers of the East. The truth of the matter, however, is that Russia and its allies were behind World War Three from the get-go and are therefore commanded by the ultimate criminal regimes about as unqualified for world governance as can be.

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