Friday, July 20, 2012

The Collapse Of Communism: The Untold Story

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Today Robert Buchar released his long-awaited documentary, The Collapse Of Communism: The Untold Story:

The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story is a feature-length documentary film.

The great political upheaval of the late 20th century--the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the collapse of the Soviet Union--is now generally regarded as the spontaneous product of long-accumulating social and economic pressures. The political confusion and economic disarray that followed is seen as nothing more than a passing phase in an inevitable march toward a more perfect democracy.

During the final phase of the Cold War the Soviet Union, under its dogmatic and visibly senile party bosses, was sinking into near-bankruptcy. Yuri Andropov, Chairman of the KGB, the only organization with both a full knowledge of the state of the economy and a mastery of strategic decisions, came to the conclusion that there was no cure for the grave illness of the communist system. To preserve the wealth that threatened to slip out of the leaders' hands, he masterminded a nearly unthinkable program, throwing into the fire Moscow's rule over the Eastern European bloc, and, as it turned out, the ruling party of the USSR itself. Though Andropov died in 1984, the signs of his hand in the events that followed remain visible, as well as the role of his handpicked successor Mikhail Gorbachev. Our witnesses testify that what appeared to be a spontaneous freedom movement in 1989 was in fact a coup d'etat orchestrated from Moscow in offices of the Russian KGB.

Perhaps for the first time in known history, we have walked through a revolution without realizing who are the real winners and losers.

The consequences are far reaching and people in the West seem to have a short memory. It's clear today that development in Russia didn't go the way the West anticipated. Russia became the perfect KGB state. 80% of government officials are former or active KGB officers, including President Vladimir Putin himself. The objective of the Soviet regime was to overthrow the United States as the world's leading power. The Soviet KGB fathered state-sponsored terrorism. The PLO was dreamt up by KGB. In 1960s a new element was added to the Soviet/PLO war; international terrorism. Today's international terrorism was conceived at the Lubyanka.

As Yuri Andropov once explained to Ion Pacepa, the Muslim world was a Petri dish in which the Russians might "nurture a virulent strain of America-hatred from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist thought." KGB General Alexander Sakharovsky once said to Pacepa: "In today's world, when nuclear arms have made military force obsolete, terrorism should become our main weapon." Americans and Europeans no longer remember the past and don't realize that history is now repeating itself. No effective counter-strategy is likely to emerge from Washington because a regime predicated on economic optimism cannot accept the negative implications of ongoing Russian enmity. People will simply believe what they wish to believe. More people indulge their own ideas of the world rather than deal with its realities.

I received my copy today in the mail and am watching it as I type this.

If you believe in political correctness, then this film is not for you!

In astounding interviews with Soviet defectors and top experts from the U.S. intelligence community, e.g., Vladimir Bukovsky, Robert Gates, Edward Jay Epstein, Jeff Nyquist, etc., a compelling case is made that recent history concerning Russia is not what it seems. The reality is that Moscow has been engaging in systematic historical deception that kicked off in earnest two decades ago with the feigned collapse of the Soviet Union. Make no mistake about it....this is a historical lie and the free world is now vulnerable to what may be the greatest upset imaginable, i.e., the destruction and subjugation of Western Civilization by the "Old Enemy".

Order your copy of this incredibly important DVD today!

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