Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thank You God!

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Yesterday, on the 4th of July, I went with my grandfather to leave flowers and a little plastic fox to stand guard at my grandmother's grave. You see, she passed to eternity on the sunny morning of the 4th of July two years ago as I held her hand. This was her Indepedence Day. My grandmother, The Foxy Lady, was a very special person and I'm grateful to God for making her part of my life. Indeed, I'd like to thank God for the very special family and friends He has provided me in this mortal sorjourn. This is the good and true foundation of my creation from which I draw strength in seeking to help deliver this world from evil.

As for North Korea launching missiles, the growing conflagration in the Middle East and Moscow's ultimate machination to conquer the world with nuclear force....I guess boys will be boys. But all the world's weapons of war are impotent against the true Word of God. The Son Of Man has already won.

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