Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Liberalism is a *MORAL DISORDER*

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Take some time and watch the following excellent presentation by Evan Sayet:

For the most part Evan is right on the mark (check out THIS VIDEO to see how much so)....except the operative term is not "discriminate" is "judge". Modern liberals, and the dominant reigning philosophy governing today's society, are all about a complete *lack of moral judgement*. This goes hand in hand with a society living knee-deep in sin.

The consequence of this historical mistake is God's Judgement which is the fulfillment of religious prophecy of an apocalyptic end to human history as we know it.

The coming ultimate upset of prevailing irrational expectations, as I have been warning, the approaching ultimate crash, IS World War Three.

God is the ultimate discriminator....between good and evil, right and wrong....and His will WILL BE DONE, regardless of whether or not this meets our society's approval. In other words....God's moral judgement is not subject to a popular vote....something most Americans might find difficult to fathom in the modern, secular, liberal, decadent, hedonistic, immoral, ungodly, antichristian age. But that's the way it is. Period.

The consequence of our society's misjudgement is grim...

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