Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Litvinenko Affair Continues...

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Last week UK authorities issued an arrest warrant for Andrei Lugovoi, a "former" Russian KGB/FSB officer in the Polonium assassination of Alexander Litvinenko.

The implication is that the British government, regardless of diplomatic costs, places the blame for Litvinenko's demise squarely at the feet of the Kremlin. But why would Russia have gone to the extreme of radiological terrorism to eliminate Alexander Litvinenko, who had thus far been a relatively unknown Kremlin critic?

It is the answer to this question that is of the utmost significance.

J.R. Nyquist hints at the reason in his latest article, "Russian Motives". Specifically, however, Litvinenko's spectacular assassination was to sow fear into the hearts of all those Russian insiders who might think to expose the Kremlin's underhanded tactics aimed at ultimately destroying the West.

Alexander Litvinenko revealed one of the most disturbing points regarding Russian pursuits, i.e., that al Qaeda is nothing more than a Kremlin proxy for attacking the West. I believe it was for exposing this truth about Moscow's machinations that Litvinenko paid his life.

After exposing Russia's connection to al Qaeda, I got in touch with him and ran "The Litvinenko Chronicles" for the remainder of 2005, before the former FSB agent went silent for fear of his life.

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