Thursday, February 14, 2008

Somethin' very fishy about Imad Mughniyeh's 'assassination'

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Something smells very fishy about the purported assassination of Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus, Syria yesterday.

I really doubt this was a Mossad operation. Israel would be prudent enough not to take out Mughniyeh just before the anniversary of Rafik Hariri's assassination knowing that such a move would result in a mass Hezbollah funeral in the streets of Beirut the same day that anti-Syrian, anti-Hezbollah forces are in the streets of Beirut protesting the Hariri assassination - a most explosive concoction.

My suspicion is that Syrian and/or Iranian intelligence carried out the Mugniyah's assassination for two-fold reasons: 1.) To set the stage for some sort of action against Israel and/or 2.) because they wanted him dead anyways.

Also....there's no way to know whether or not he was really assassinated. As most stories indicate, he had plastic surgery to mask his identity. It's not like the FBI is going to get an opportunity to examine the charred carcass to perform a DNA verification on the body....if there even is a charred body. What's more, what if Mugniyah died of natural causes some time ago and they timed his staged, bogus assassination so the funeral would coincide with the anniversary of the very real Rafiki assassination. The world is relying on Syrian news reports on this matter.....and that in and of itself is suspicious.

Since when would Syria be so quick to report the car bombing assassination of one of the most important Hezbollah terrorist masterminds in Damascus?

It took days for the full truth to come out after Israel bombed the Deir ez-Zor nuke plant in Syria:

Yet news of an explosion in Damascus in Syria yesterday was followed with the report that Imad Mugniyah had been killed by a car bomb assassination within hours.

Something is VERY FISHY about all this!


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