Saturday, January 03, 2009

If Israel invades...

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If Israel invades the Gaza Strip, which appears very likely in the immediate future, then world history might take a terrible turn for the worst (note that the DJIA just hit the 9000 mark). There's a reason the Russians just evacuated the Palestinian territory, and this likely has to do with insider knowledge of what is about to unfold since it is the outcome of Moscow's machinations.

I have spent most of the last 20 years trying to warn the world about the self-devised suicide man has been fashioning for himself, but, alas, no one has been interested.

For the record, let me reiterate that the 'vision' I had back in February of 1991 was of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Haifa, Israel. There's some risk the Hamas will respond to any Gazan invsion by launching chemically-tipped Kassam rockets on Israel and/or Hezbollah might strike at the Jewish State with similar weaponry from Southern Lebanon. These are NOT the types of missiles that were hitting Haifa in the mysterious special report I foresaw.

For chemical SCUD missiles to strike Israel, the most likely source of the attack would be Syria. Indeed, if Syria unleashed a SCUD missile barrage on the Jewish State, the first major target to get hit would be Haifa since the city lies north of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and is thus closer to Syrian launch sites.

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