Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prechter No Longer Bullish; Collapse Of Western Civilization Near?

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In his early-released Elliott Wave Theorist investment letter, Robert Prechter warns his subscribers that he is no longer bullish and is looking for Primary Wave 3 down to soon get underway. He believes this is because the DJIA has now retraced a Fibonacci 38.2% of the 2007-2009 plunge in stock prices, meeting a minimum threshold for the completion of the Primary Wave 2 rebound:

As I've been highlighting in this blog, the next wave down will likely entail the collapse of Western Civilization.

Given the precipice of history at which the world stands, I'm hurrying to completion my thesis regarding the creative insanity of man. You can watch the paper progress online.

There's a possibility of global nuclear war by mid-October according to my analysis. If there's a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel, the chance of nuclear war will become a certainty.

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