Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Russia and Iran: A Marriage Made In Hell

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I love the Russian and Iranian people, but their governments have to go. I think it's most telling that in recent street protests where the crowds are supposed to be chanting "Down With Israel!" and/or "Down With America!" the Iranian people are instead chanting "Down With Russia!":

This speaks volumes.

Misleaders rule at the connivance of the people. When the people no longer cooperate in the deception, their control is gone. Hence, truth is the ultimate weapon against the Lawless One.

Regarding truth, it's becoming clear the Russia is having Iran tell terrifying lies in order to lure Israel into committing suicide.

In an article I wrote in 2006, "Is Iran Trying To Start World War Three?", I overview how Iran's nuclear program seems more geared to elicit an Israeli military strike than to actually produce a nuclear bomb. This pattern of deception is now coming to fruition.

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