Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is this President Barack Obama's REAL birth certificate?

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UPDATE: This seems to be refuted HERE.

Check out the following image of Barack Obama's long form birth certificate as it appeared in a Aloha Reporter article last year:

This was published on March 18th, 2010 (note how the 'AP News' article linked from the Aloha Reporter piece has disappeared).

Importantly, the last line of the birth certificate image above indicates Obama was born in Kenya and registered in Honolulu, Hawaii. This scenario is what makes the most sense given Obama's birth announcement in local newspapers more than a week after he was born August 4th, 1961 which could have been done through his grandmother (Madelyn Dunham) living in Hawaii at the time. (See note above, "per Grandmother", who signed the birth certificate above in lieu of Obama's mother who would have been in Kenya at the time. This also explains why there was a four day delay between Obama's birth and the registration of his birth in Hawaii.):

I've searched for reference information on the birth certificate image above that appeared last year in the Aloha Reporter and oddly haven't found anything. Maybe this subtle news piece was an anonymous way in which a good Samaritan who got their hands on it managed to release a scanned image of the sensitive document? (Here's some interesting further analysis.)

If the image above is a scan of Obama's real long form birth certificate, then it might explain why an obviously forged version was just released by the White House:

The 'official birth certificate release' on April 27th by the Obama Administration might have been a measured move by the President's 'handlers' to obscure the release of an actual copy so the true version (maybe Donald Trump's investigators got their hands on a real copy?), which shows that Obama was born in Kenya, can now be dismissed as a product of 'birther nonsense'.

Either way, Obama's Connecticut-based SS# remains a mystery and potentially the more important 'smoking gun' that our President's identity is fraudulent.

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