Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something up with Iran?

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Today global oil reserves were tapped pushing oil prices sharply lower, and U.S. sanctions were placed on Iran's top airline and port operator obstructing ship and air travel with the Islamic state. Meanwhile, there was a plane crash in Russia that killed five top Russian scientists that had been aiding Iran's nuclear program. Finally, Israel has just completed an extensive drill for civil defense in the event of an all-out enemy missile barrage against the Jewish state (keep in mind my apocalyptic vision on this score). These reports are most likely innocuous, but the DJIA appears to be breaking below the psychologically important 12000 mark today:

As thoroughly examined in this blog and my thesis, major historical shocks sometimes occur when the DJIA reverses below key thousand marks. Could some sort of military action against Iran be in the works around the July 1st new moon (solar eclipse)? Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant is set to officially go online in August, so the upcoming new moon is probably the last one to offer the tactical advantage of the cover of darkness for an air strike on Bushehr before the facility is in full operation.

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