Monday, February 06, 2012

It's Halftime In America: Madonna's Dancing With The Devil Show

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UPDATE: Also see Nicki Minaj's 2012 Grammy performance

At halftime during the Super Bowl XLVI a commercial aired featuring an elderly Clint Eastwood saying how "it's halftime in America" and, like Detroit (?!), "this country can't be knocked-out by one punch":

This was followed by a halftime show performed by "Madonna" that seemed like some sort of grand Satanic worship ritual:

Tragically, this is representative of modern American culture which has come to love and serve Mammon instead of God. Truly we've become the MOTHER OF HARLOTS as I described in last year's 'Fate Of The Union' blog:

America has fallen into temptation, turned its back on God and is being delivered into Evil. As I've long been warning, and seeking to resist, our nation is about to be knocked-out with a single, thermonuclear apocalyptic punch by the prophetic Antichrist....utterly upsetting irrational collective beliefs and expectations.

I'm afraid that, like the Patriots, America loses in the second half.


stats said...

I know you would like to believe that the Russians are coming but they ain't. The united states will survive long enough to help seat the Antichrist on his thrown: the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. And Christian Zionist like you will be cheering his coronation.

Jeff said...

The Grammys featured another satanic extravaganza...

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