Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dow 13K, Nasdaq 3K & Bob Prechter on RussiaToday

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The DJIA reversed significantly and closed below the psychologically important 13000 mark today after closing at 13005 yesterday:

With a pop in stocks this morning, the Nasdaq Composite reached up to just above the 3000 mark (3000.11), the highest level seen since 2000. The key index of speculative sentiment then sharply revered course closing at 1967:

Thus, as I've been pointing out for years, the U.S. stock market is testing psychologically important thousand marks that may be followed by, as the Elliott Wave Principle suggests, an "Apocalypse Wave":

What would be the source of such a dramatic reversal in irrationally optimistic collective beliefs and expectations? I've been warning the world about for two decades since my apocalyptic vision in February 1991, the "Old Enemy", i.e., the Communist East, has intentionally misled the Capitalist West for the purpose of a surprise nuclear third world war by which Russia and China can achieve their long-run objective, i.e., the defeat of freedom and world domination.

In light of this scenario, drawn from my insights about the irrationality of everyone around me based upon the Elliott Wave Principle, I'd like to note that at the beginning of the week I received an email from Bob Prechter essentially telling me to go away after 25 years of written correspondence.

Interestingly, one of our last discussion points was the Elliott Wave International YouTube channel that I noted was not being updated regularly. Well....soon thereafter, someone updated the channel with the following appearance of Bob Prechter on RussiaToday:

For someone who likes to highlight his membership in Mensa, and even more ironically claims to be "libertarian", you'd think Prechter would be a little wiser about being a "useful idiot" for Russian propaganda. But when the mighty $ is to be had, intelligence often is the first virtue to be set aside.

Guess this is the case more generally in that Prechter has been aware of my apocalyptic vision, and the implications regarding what the "Old Enemy" is up to, for the last 20 years. Yet, he rescinded his offer of my employment and devoted all his time and energy to warning the world about a coming deflationary economic depression when, as reversals from psychologically important thousand marks in key stock indices like the DJIA should indicate, the more plausible explanation is that America's "crash" will come in the form of thermonuclear annihilation compliments of Russia.

But, alas, some thoughts are unthinkable even for the greatest minds. Thus, folk cooperate with, instead of struggle against, the very source of their own demise. How smart is that?!

"War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in 30 to 40 years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist." - Dmitri Z. Manuilsky, Moscow's Lenin School of Political Warfare

[The most ridiculous aspect of my existence is that I'm supposed to believe all these great minds around me can't comprehend the obvious truths I'm presenting. Of course the truth is comprehensible, it's just folk opt to "make believe" otherwise to avoid the obvious responsibility to do something, anything, to resist the catastrophic fate everyone is making for us all. I believe this shirking of moral responsibility is called intellectual and moral cowardice, and its reprehensible and ultimately unforgivable IMHO. And I'm dismissed as insane? To the contrary. Why the hell am I alone in my efforts? This speaks volumes.]

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