Monday, April 09, 2012

Dow Closes Below 13000 Mark

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The DJIA fell one percent today closing below the psychologically important 13000 mark:

If the recent high was the completion of the Primary Wave 2 rebound from the March 2009 low under the tenets of the Elliott Wave Principle, then Primary Wave 3 is underway....what I've been warning could be the "Apocalypse Wave".

As explained in past blogs, breaking below the psychologically important 13K mark in the DJIA may be a prelude to negative historical events.

Notably, shots were fired from Syria into Turkey today that could mean Syria is about to go ballistic in response to Turkish, and in association NATO, military intervention.

This could result in a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel and subsequent regional and then global war as I foresaw in February 1991.

Also, one might keep an eye on China and Korea since North Korea might soon provoke a conflict just as political instability is purportedly occurring in Beijing.

Again, these sorts of geopolitical developments toward an East-West conflict are consistent with a swing into mass depression as described by my Global Bipolar Hypothesis.

Of course, the most likely possibility is that the stock market will levitate back above Dow 13000 based upon the American motto, 'In Mammon We Trust'. Let's falsely hope so!


Michael said...
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Michael said...

Two big Puetz crash windows approaching: April 29-May 8 and May 30-June 7. Watch the May 30-June 7 window most closely -- June 4 is a lunar eclipse date.

J Adams said...

Yep. Also, seasonally April-May is a potential crash period for mass mood. Of course, September-October is more 'dangerous' given the historical cyclical pattern, but there were occasions like the May Panic of 1962. Notably, the suicide rate tends to peak in the April-May time frame.

Anonymous said...

Hallo J

Can you assist me in factual information that the entire Bible is untrue? I am doing research and a theologian made this comment after spending weeks testing what is written in the Bible. Hope you will be able to assist me with sientific information.

Thanks and regards

J Adams said...

The Bible as a whole is true IMO in the same sense that morals of a story are 'true', i.e., they advance moral principles that, when obeyed, lead to good lives and social harmony. Similarly, the Santa Claus fable can lead children to be nice rather than naughty.

J Adams said...

Please bear in mind that I think this whole universe is, in effect, a subjective fiction authored by God. Thus, learning the 'moral of the story', HIS-story, is what life is all about, and that lesson is LOVE, i.e., God's meaning.

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