Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Information for the FBI

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I'll elaborate later...

Faisal Shahzad’s wife, Huma Mian, and their two young children are believed to be in Pakistan (06/2010). Huma Mian has relatives listed at several addresses in Aurora, Colorado – the same town Afghan national Najibullah Zazi and relatives lived in between 01/2009 and 07/31/2009.

The FBI has obtained, on Thursday 05/13/2010, warrants to search various homes and a gas station in the Northeast and arrested two men in the town of Watertown, Massachusetts for alleged immigration violations. A third arrest was made from Maine. The search warrants were issued to cover several locations in Boston, New York, and New Jersey as investigators were targeting their probe into the money trail of the 05/01/2010 Times Square Plot, probably through the Hawala system. They were, initially, charged with money laundering and immigration charges. [SOURCE]

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