Saturday, May 04, 2013

Dow 15000 & World War Three?

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Anonymous said...

Truth is a universal concept and the only Force that outlasts humanity. Let us stand in it despite the adversary. Let us come against the loss of live of all innocent human beings. Let us talk peace and not war in the full meaning of this universal goal. Let us love and respect unconditionally. Only this will help us all and bring victory.

Matty C said...

Revelations in the Bible is not about a transient boom / bust economy going under. These have happened multiple times before. i love how Financial ppl start using Bible quotes to back up their (financial) world is ending mantra. Revelations is ultimately about the prophetic realisation of human superconciousness and those 7 trumpets also correlate to the opening up of the 7 alchemical metals / chakras / churches. Its a spirtual revelatory transformation. Nothing as boring as a system melt down. Those have been prolific in the last 2000 years. Financial ppl need t get their myopic heads out of the financial sand. There is a world bigger than the markets despite what you might know or not know about it.

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