Friday, February 21, 2014

Yanukovych flees Ukraine? - Russian military intervention possible

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The official narrative unfolding in the Ukraine is that the nationalist Ukrainian population in the Western part of the country, backed by the US and EU, have erupted in protest, the so-called "EuroMaidan", to overthrow the corrupt government of Viktor Yanukovych who is supported by Russia and the Russian-speaking Ukrainian populations in the East and South of the nation. The apparent trigger for the uprising was a decision by the Yanukovych-led government in late-November 2013 to suspend preparations for signing an Association Agreement and a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, in favor of closer economic relations with Russia. Since that time a large-scale uprising in Kiev and many Western regions of the Ukraine has unfolded that has included protesters forming a large encampment in the capitol city's "Independence Square" defended by long barricades of burning cars, tires, wood, etc.

Now apparently the crisis playing out in the Ukraine is coming to a head.

Earlier today an 'ultimatum' was issued for President Yanukovych to resign or protesters will resort to armed force to unseat him from power tomorrow morning (hit "CC" for English closed captions with the video below):

Recent word is that President Yanukovych flew out of Kiev purportedly for Kharkiv but he reportedly never arrived there. Rumors are circulating that the Ukrainian leader has fled to another country.

Obviously, if Russia's man in the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, has been forced from power, then the stage is likely set for a major geopolitical crisis between East and West, and this, I believe, is the point.

The story unfolding before the world's eyes in the Ukraine seems to make sense on the surface, but when one takes a close critical look at what's going on, some serious questions emerge.

If, indeed, the government of Viktor Yanukovych had been serious about ending the protests that literally took over the main streets in Kiev, then there's some important questions that need to be answered.

1. Why were protesters never pushed back from main thoroughfares in Kiev like Khreshchatyk Street? Even "Occupy Wall Street" protesters never occupied Wall Street.

2. Why was cell phone service and/or electrical power never cutoff in the areas of Kiev where protesters setup their encampments? The only related article I could find to this question indicates backup electrical generators were made ready by opposition members of parliament for the protesters, but this leaves open the question why central city authorities never forced the use of any generators, which would have limited power and fuel supplies, by simply cutting off electricity to areas of Kiev occupied by protester encampments.

3. One place the amply-supplied electricity has been put to good use by EuroMaidan protesters is in brightly lighting and supplying greatly amplified sound to their huge, professionally setup stage which even includes a large screen display visible from great distances.

Yeah....WTH is that all about?!

4. Why was a rogue protester permitted to take over the stage podium and announce the February 22nd "ultimatum" for President Yanukovych to resign before protesters resort to armed force?

5. Why have protesters had such an easy time occupying city hall and many other highly symbolic public buildings in Kiev (and throughout the Ukraine for that matter)?

UPDATE: Oh my....they got a giant stage up for the protesters in Kharkiv as well....this some 20 miles from the border with Russia!:

Seriously....WTF is really going on in the Ukraine?!

Here's the deal.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of protesters are sincere in their actions and I also have no doubt that Russian/Ukrainian special services injured and murdered a good many of these common folk. The Kremlin knows full well this is how to start a civil war:

Nevertheless, the uprising's original generation and growth was FACILITATED AND FOSTERED more so than countered by Russian and Ukrainian secret services.


Ukraine is a critical East-versus-West linchpin and this is all about setting the stage for a third world war that will be blamed on Western aggression toward Russia rather than vice versa....after all, Russian astrologers predicted this years ago.

Hey, but don't worry, after the dust settles from the Kremlin's ultimate act of premeditated mass murder, Vladimir Putin's "Orthodox Church" will save whatever is left of the world:


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