Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saddam's Iraq took down TWA Flight 800

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CNN is currently airing a special on the crash of flight TWA 800.

The airliner was most likely taken down by a shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile launched by a terrorist operating at the behest of Saddam Hussein's Iraq (follow that link for elaboration). This was the second episode of the FBI and US intelligence community (intetionally?) overlooking the involvement of Saddam Hussein's culpability in engaging in terrorism against America in the wake of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing which also was the handiwork of the Iraqi dictator. Laurie Mylroie and I have tried time and time again to get the FBI and US intelligence community to deal with this reality to no avail. To the contrary, justice has been obstructed at the highest levels of government. The consequence was 9/11 and the subsequent anthrax mailings. Somehow even after those immense terrorist assaults against America, US intelligence still remained wittingly oblivious to Iraqi involvement. Fortunately, President George W. Bush saw through the idiocy of the politicized intelligence agencies that have persisted in failing to protect national security and made the right decision to take out Saddam Hussein. But does the story end there?

Elements of the Sunni Muslim terrorist cell, that ultimately succeeded in taking down the Twin Towers in 2001 after an unsuccessful try in 1993, continues to live and work in New York City. Will this ever be addressed by the FBI?

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