Saturday, October 20, 2007

How History Repeats Itself...

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Today was the 20th anniversary of the October 19th, 1987 stock market crash when the DJIA fell 508 points, or more than 22%, in a single day in late-October....when collective panics typically occur. As if to mark the occasion the DJIA today fell nearly 367 points, more than 2.5%.

Is this the beginning of the Great Crash Of 2007?

This seems quite possible given that stock markets around the world are reversing from key thousand marks in major indices: e.g., Dow 14,000, Shanghai 6,000, Hang Seng 30,000, Seoul Composite 2000, DAX 8,000, etc.

This reflects the repetitive manic-depressive nature of man as a species, something I've been warning the world about for more than a decade.

The blasphemous truth is that man is utterly insane and a danger to himself and the world he inhabits!

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