Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yom Kippur - Israel On Alert

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Although I think the stock market is due for a decent bounce here in the context of the Grand Supercycle crash I believe is now underway, news out of the Middle East suggests the next far more terrifying leg of this historic panic might soon take shape.

It is now Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement and Israel's most holy holiday. The entire Jewish state shuts down on this day when the people atone for their sins. On Yom Kippur 35 years ago, Syria and Egypt launched a coordinated surprise attack that caught Israel off-guard and almost led to global nuclear war.

In recent weeks Syria has massed forces on its border with Lebanon purportedly to deal with smuggling. Lebanon is concerned Syria might once again invade and, consequently, on Monday the United States issued a stern warning to Damascus to not do so. Deputy State Department spokesman Robert Wood said, "Any intervention by Syrian troops into Lebanon would be unacceptable."

Meanwhile, going into Yom Kippur, Israel placed its military forces on a heightened state of alert out of concern that Syria, and/or Syria's Hezbollah proxy in Lebanon, might use the solemn Jewish occasion to attack. Seemingly any attack would be in revenge for the February assassination of Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh and/or the Israeli air strike on a Syrian nuke site last year.

If there is Syrian military intervention in Lebanon or some sort of attack on Israel, then this could ultimately result in the fulfillment of the apocalyptic vision I had when pondering the historical implications of the Grand Supercycle crash.

I deeply pray that I'm wrong on this score, but it is a possibility. Please allow me to elaborate.

Back in 1991, during the first Gulf War, I was in a written correspondence with Robert Prechter, the 'Elliott Wave Theorist', about what might occur during the Grand Supercycle collapse we were anticipating even back then. At the time I was a college student studying economics.

One evening in early February of that year (I think Feb. 6th), I was watching television when suddenly a special report aired of a chemical SCUD attack against Israel. What I saw was an NBC special report in which Tom Brokaw reported that a missile attack on Haifa, Israel was underway and chemical agents were involved. I got up and reported what presumably was an Iraqi chemical attack on Israel to my friends on the floor of the college dormitory where I lived at the time, and when I returned to watch the news there was nothing else being reported. In fact, as I soon realized, the special report I saw had never aired and has not yet aired to this day. (Believe me, I checked this out fully; the report I saw did not yet occur).

Next, about a week later, I was with a friend in my dorm room at college discussing ancient prophecies and how they might be related to events in the Middle East. I then told him about the Seventh Seal prophecy in the eighth chapter of the Bible's Book of Revelation which I long believed depicts a future nuclear war. Just as I started reading my friend this prophecy, we heard the wail of an air-raid siren followed by the loud percussion of a nuclear explosion outside my window. What we heard was so authentic, it led us to rush to a nearby deep basement from which I contacted the local fire department to see what was going on. I inquired as to whether air-raid sirens had gone off and asked if any sort of explosion had occurred. However, no such events had taken place. Apparently, it was experienced only by my friend and I.

What did these alarming, mysterious experiences back in February of 1991 mean?

If we are truly now in the midst of the Grand Supercycle crash, I'm afraid the world might soon find out.

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