Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11/11 - Veterans Remembrance Day

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I spent tonight with my Gramp watching the classic movie, This Is The Army, the military branch in which he served. Most appropriately, his birthday is 11/10, the day before Veterans Day. My grandfather is my hero....even if he is a simple man today living on a fixed income in a trailer park....a status reflecting his value to modern society IMHO.

Gramp fought from D-Day +1 on the sands of Omaha Beach all the way to Munich where he helped set free the Dachau concentration camp. In his heroic journey marching across Europe battling Nazi fascism, my grandfather drove over a landmine and ended up with a metal plate in his head, deaf in one ear and partially blind in one eye.

His truly was The Greatest Generation. They stood up for America and freedom without reservations, without grievances and without capitulation. Today we enjoy the fortune of their sacrifices, even if this is unappreciated by many.

God bless those who have put, and are placing, their lives on the line to protect and preserve our freedom. God bless the souls of those that in answering the call to duty now rest with the Lord. Let all Americans pay tribute to the veterans who made the freedom and prosperity we enjoy possible.

And make no mistake about it....the call to duty is today deafening....regardless if the vast majority are currently disinclined to answer. We must never forget: FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

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