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Is The Swine Flu Pandemic Man-made?

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In my April 24th blog, Pandemic Alert - Possible Bioterrorism , I speculated regarding the possibility that the current swine flu pandemic that started in Mexico is a consequence of covert Russian biological warfare against the West rather than natural causes.

"....their (Russian) strategy calls for deceptive actions designed to mislead the West into lowering its guard while the Soviets covertly go to maximum readiness to strike first....

As part of this process, the Soviets could initiate a massive covert biological and chemical war that would be confusing for the U.S. leadership to analyze - possibly impossible to know the certain cause. This process could effectively disable U.S. forces and the civilian population and make it impossible for the U.S. to go to war..." (Soviet Strategic Deception: CBW - The Covert Dimension, Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., p.329)

After posting this, my blog was inaccessible for three days. While I would like my blog to remain alive, I will nevertheless continue to post information buttressing the argument that the world is now experiencing a man-made pandemic if this is what the evidence suggests.

The fast-spreading H1N1 strain of influenza is an improbable combination which includes genetic elements from bird flu, swine flu and human flu spanning three continents. Per Nancy Cox, director of the CDC's influenza division:

"We have some gene segments that are North American swine influenza viruses. Some gene segments are North American avian influenza viruses, one gene segment from a human influenza virus and two gene segments that are normally found from swine influenza viruses in Asia and in Europe." (SOURCE)

Furthermore, "An analysis of the the phylogenic tree (the component strains) present in the current swine flu cases in Texas and California show no identifiable components of Mexican origin." (SOURCE)

Of particular concern are the genetic elements related to swine flu of Eurasian origin since this strain has never been seen in a human contagion. Because of this, there is no established human immunity making this disease particularly virulent:

“The new neuraminidase gene that came in from Eurasian swine is one we’ve never before seen circulating in humans,” said Rambaut (Andrew Rambaut, a University of Edinburgh viral geneticist). “That’s one of the reasons it’s spreading rapidly. Very few people will have any immunity to this particular combination, which is what gives the concern that this will be a pandemic rather than just a normal seasonal flu outbreak. It remains to be seen how much and to what extent there is existing immunity.” (SOURCE)

Russia Today broadcast the following segment with Wayne Madsen highlighting the suspicious character of the current swine flu outbreak:

An important point noted by Madsen is that this swine flu is not being witnessed in swine.

The 1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic, which infected around half the world's population and caused upwards of 100 million deaths, was a swine flu similar to the current outbreak. The etiology of this pandemic traced back to hog farms in the Midwest USA. From Gina Kolata's Flu: the story of the great influenza pandemic of 1918 and the search for the virus that caused it, we learn the following:

Unlike human flu, swine flu had not been noticed - if, indeed, it even existed - before 1918. But then suddenly, in the autumn of 1918, at the start of the flu pandemic, millions of pigs in the Midwest became ill with a severe respiratory infection and thousands died almost overnight. In fact, animal flus were not unheard of. As long ago as the sixteenth century, there were reports of diseases that sound like flu in horses, for example. The flu that struck the pigs in the Midwest, however, was different. Entire hog farms were decimated.

Whatever the disease was, it looked like influenza. The pigs got runny noses, fevers, even watery eyes of human sufferers. And the timing of the epidemic's appearance, in the midst of the human influenza outbreak, seemed to some to be more than just a coincidence. It was traced to the Cedar Rapids Swine Show, held in Iowa from September 30 to October 5, 1918, when sick pigs housed with healthy animals soom spread the disease. When the show was over and the newly infected pigs were shipped back to their farms, the disease was seeded throughout the Midwest. (Kolata, 2001, pp.66-67)

According to media reports, the current swine flu outbreak started in La Gloria, Mexico, which is downwind from a large Smithfield Foods, Inc. commercial hog farm. In fact, in tracing the origins of the outbreak, authorities have zeroed in on a single case in La Gloria, Mexico - that of 5-year-old Edgar Hernandez, who has been marked as "patient zero" by his doctors:

The problem with this scenario, however, is that reportedly none of the hogs or workers at the Smithfield hog farm near La Gloria have been infected. According to C. Larry Pope, president and chief executive of Smithfield Foods, "we know of no pigs that are sick, no people on those farms that are sick and no people in our plants" who are sick. Furthermore, Mexico's top government epidemiologist, Miguel Ángel Lezana, said that it is "highly improbable" the Smithfield hog farm in the Mexican state of Veracruz is responsible for the nation's swine-flu outbreak because the pigs there are from North America, while the genetic material in the virus is from Europe and Asia.

But even with these signs that the swine flu is not a natural phenomenon, the masses will believe otherwise because the MSM reported that the origin was determined and a cute little Mexican boy coughing in an interview was shown as proof of how the outbreak began.

So why is it that the only major media source entertaining the possibility that this flu outbreak is man-made is Russia Today? Maybe because this reduces the chances that anyone will point their finger Moscow's way if people start to realize the pandemic is, in fact, a consequence of biological warfare. Anyone but me, that is.

Russia is leading us to its slaughterhouse. Will the sheeple ever wake up and start thinking for themselves?

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